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Easiest army to paint


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I would say Sylvaneth because you can drybrush all the way for the most part. At least for my trees I like to make them quite bright with red leaves which doesn't require to be neat at all. Just slap the base coat all over, drybrush, wash and drybrush up to the color you want as highlight. Super easy, hardly an inconvenience.

Stormcast also are pretty easy, even tough you need to be a little more accurate with all the details and trims. 

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If you have the Soul Wars box, Nighthaunts is pretty easy.  I tried the Warhammer TV monochrome method, but added a little color.  Pretty easy.  Fyreslayers are also really easy.  I painted a SC in three days.  With Contrast paints, I did the Magmadroth in about 6 hours.



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I own armies of Sylvaneth, Stormcast, Maggotkin and Gloomspite and out these I find Gloomspite to be the easiest to paint by far.1362546869_Photo2019-07-11021715(1).jpg.398391bff6b00b9bfad22cc7a458c227.jpg

But of course it depends a lot on the level of finish you're looking to achieve. For instance Stormcast can be done by undercoating with Retributor armour spray, shade all over with reikland fleshshade and then a light dry brush with silver and then you  a 90% finished battle ready Stormcast but if you're looking to take them further than that layering and highlighting metallics can be a pain in the behind if you ask me and the time spent goes up a by a lot.

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