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Contrast Paints - Orc Skin


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Question for you guys who are further down the Contrast Paints path than I am, which colours have been working well for orc skin?

I personally find that the one actually called Ork Flesh looks too gaudy and cheap. 

For my own armies, I have used a vivid comic book green for my Bonesplitterz (as you can see from my profile picture) and my Ironajwz are much more sombre, khaki style of green.  It's this latter that I'm particularly interested in for Contrast paint, because I'm hoping to use it for my 40K Orks.

Would love to know what combos of base spray + contrast have been working for other people...bonus points for photos!

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I've used Militarum green for most of my Gitz; Plaguebearer flesh for some of my Gitz; and Apothecary White for one albino. I might add try a bit of Skeleton horde on top of one to make him a  little dirty.

Ork Flesh I suspect would come out very traditional 1990s Ork colour, which I agree might look a little dated.

The Militarum is very typical grot skin. Plaguebearer is a lot more of a sickly yellow, but has just enough green to make it also work.


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I find if you mix the Ork flesh with a bit of Iyanden yellow it give a more vibrant green for the skin



I didn't use the GW Wraithbone primer cause I find them a bit pricy so I just used a regular grey one and dry brush white paint on the model to highlight it for the contrast paint. pretty sure though if you use the GW primer it be easier to use the paint and get the effect



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