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List of what I should buy next

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Hey guys

I so far have a Slaves to Darkness/Khorne army, and it looks like this.

Khorne Daemons and Mortals

Leaders 3/5

Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury 300 General with Command Trait Rage Unchained and Artefact Khartoth the Bloodhunger

Chaos Sorcerer Lord 160 Allied

Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne 80 

Battlelines 3/2

x5 Chaos Warriors 90

x5 Chaos Warriors 90

x10 Bloodletters 110


x5 Chaos Knights 160

x3 Bloodcrushers 140

x1 Skull Cannon 140

x1 Chaos Chariot 80

(And I am buying a Chaos Lord on Daemonic mount 140)


What order should I buy the stuff below next? (This is the army lists) (No opinions of what to buy next or army list e.t.c., but the order to buy stuff) (The only boxes sets I will buy next is a second daemons of khorne start collecting and the slaves Battleforce)

Khorne Daemons

Leaders 6/8

Skarbrand 400

Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury 300 with Khartoth the Bloodhunger

Bloodthirster of Insanate Rage 280 with A’grath the King of Blades

Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne 120 General with Rage Unchanged

Herald of Khorne on Blood Throne 120

Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne 80

Battlelines 4/4

x30 Bloodletters 300

x6 Bloodcrushers 280

x5 Flesh Hounds 100

x5 Flesh Hounds 100

Units/Artillery (Artillery 1/5)

x2 Skull Cannons 280


Tyrants of Blood 140 All three Bloodthirsters attack at once



Slaves to Darkness

Leaders 6/8

Chaos Lord on Manticore 250 with Helm of the Oppressors

Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Steed 160

Chaos Sorcerer Lord 160

Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount 140 General with Master of Deception 

Exalted Hero of Chaos 80

Battlelines 10/4

x10 Chaos Knights 320 Enscrolled Weapon

x10 Marauder Horsemen 160 Javelins

x5 Chaos Knights 160 Chaos Glave

x20 Chaos Marauders 120 Flails and Shields

x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Axe and Sword

x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Two Swords

x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Two Axes

x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Axe and Shield

x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Sword and Shield

x1 Chaos Chariot 80 Greatblade

x1 Chaos Chariot 80 Flail


x1 Chaos Warshrine 160

x5 Chaos Chosen 140

Endless spells

Soulsnare Shackles 40 (Chaos Sorcerer Lord without Steed)


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Honestly based on your list I'd grab two of the Slaves to Darkness Battleforces before they vanish. That would pretty much complete you need for chariots, chaos warriors, mounted chaos and lords on mounts as well as giving you two basically free Warshrines for battle or even convert one up for parts onto other models etc...

I'd say get those two first because they are the only "limited" product on the market for your Chaos force at present. Plus if when Warcry comes out that on its own is going to generate more Slaves to Darkness interest and if GW releases a Battletome near that time then those christmas battleforces will vanish fast (all the others have been gone for a long time now). 


Otherwise its really up to you, you've got the lists, you've got an idea of exactly what you want. It's really your choice on what you go for next. 

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