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1000 points Beasts of Chaos


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I'm brand new to wargaming and went into it with a friend. He's already gone and bought two armies (seraphon and skeletons) while I'm still working on my first. Right now I have the Start Collecting BoC starter set, an extra shaman, and an extra unit of ungors, which I have formed into:

-10 ungors with spears
-10 ungor raiders
-10 Bestigors
-1 Ghorgon
-2 Great Bray Shamans

I'm not a strategist by any means, and staring at the list of possible units makes me absolutely freeze up. Is there any way to bring this to 1000 points that will be viable at least in my LFGS or am i gonna have to overhaul it and replace most of my models with better stuff?

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My opinion with starting is that you should focus on getting good opponents who will have the same approach as you (at least for your first games).  The game can be incredibly deep but you don't  have to use everything to enjoy it.

I also recommend not to use any rules beyond Warscroll and Core rules for the beginning, to integrate turn sequence movement and basic abilities. Then move on to Allegiance abilities, Command Traits, Artefacts at a later stage (and they will change the game quite a lot). 

For more specifics I'll recommend to check the Beast of Chaos thread which is quite extensive.

Another tip, is to always bear in mind what your battle lines will be and what role you want your army to play. 

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Just my two cents, I would start with (1) expanding the ungors, and while allegiance abilities do make things more complicated, (2) start looking through those and make sure you get a herdstone.

For point 1, those things will get smacked off the board lickety split, expecially if your enemy has range, and spears work best with double ranked choices. and their cheap point wise so even if you go for a full unit of 40 you will still have 200 points left over to spend.

For point 2, while they make things a lot more confusing to keep track of, allegiance abilities can make your army have a lot more character and can enhance how you want to play your army a lot. So i would look through those and see if there is anything that pops out to you. And for the herdstone, that thing helps a dang ton with keeping ungors from running in battleshock and weakening the foes armor. It's just a dang big help, but maybe leave it out for the first couple games till you get the swing of things.


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