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Seraphon 2000 points (need help!)

T e e t h p a s t e

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Hello all,

I’m looking at getting into Age of Sigmar and have set my eyes on two factions. One being Destruction and the other being Seraphon. I’m looking at making a Semi-Competitive list whilst also trying to keep to what I love. Big monsters.

So, here is the list I have made with the help of some friends:



Lord Kroak (General) = 430 points

Astrolith Bearer = 160 points



20 Skinks = 140 points (x3) = 420 points



Dread Saurian (x2) = 840 points


Endless Spells:

Balewind Vortex = 40 points

Chronomantic Cogs = 80 points

Prismatic Palisade = 30 points


Total = 2000 points


I’m basically just looking for insight as to whether this list would flow rather well, or if it’s aim is too ‘muddled’. In the end I want my big monsters to be the threat, but my friends pushed me for something called ‘Kroaknado’.




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