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Quick & messy contrast test for Nighthaunt

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Hi all,

One thing I've been wondering since they were announced is how the new Contrast paints compared to the earlier prototypes. Enter a quick spooky messy test, comparing them to standard Nighthaunt Gloom & Hexwraith Flame combo.  I took a few disposable stalkers and undercoated them with the new Grey Seer, which went on super smooth with only minimal touch ups required. The satin finish takes some gettting used to.

I must say, I love the new colours but it makes it hard to choose!

  • First observation: medium is a must, dries very fast and becomes streaky very quickly if used on larger surfaces without it. Used Lahmian, worked well but want to try the new one as well.
  • Black Templar is fantastic for the cowls. Does it as advertised, one coat where usually you'd need at least 1 wash + drybrush or highlight. Great stuff.
  • The blue / greens are very different in behaviour. Opacity and pigmentation very different as well. Terradon Turquoise is very rich and stains A LOT, needs a lot of thinning. But lovely colour hue, I'm a big fan
  • The Akhelian green is well... not green! Rather a slightly greening blue (middle model). Very strong tone as well, less then the turquoise, but perfect for a rich spooky blue.
  • Finally, the Aethermatic Blue is less pigmented, feels a lot like Nihilakh Oxide but pale blue. Great for icy ghosts, ice effects on weapons or what have you. Needs thinning as well though, which makes the colour rather pale with just one coat. Also stains less.

There you go, wanted to do this test for a while, hope other spook enthousiasts find it useful :)


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Cool test, Brother Dimetrius, I've also been finding some cool results with my test models for Aelves of all stripes!

Just wanted to say, that I found the most success with thinning generously with the new contrast medium, then layering a second or third coat after the initial one dries. It makes it much more opaque in the end and looks much smoother than my initial attempts!

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I've done a couple of Bloodbound with it and I've had a fair bit of success with careful application of a single coat. Not tried the new medium yet since all the paints I've tried have actually worked fairly well out of the pot (neutrals and the Flesh Tearers red). The Black Templar highlighted with stormhost silver creates a really nice black metal effect. Not a replacement for boltgun metal but a very easy way to get a fast dark metal tone.

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