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12 minutes ago, SleeperAgent said:

Death: OBR for sure
Order:  Lumineth possibly?
Chaos: Slaanesh
Destruction: BCR box with 3 stonehorns and the underworlds hunter with 4-8 new sculpt frost sabres?

Armies normally only appear in Battleforces one year after release so I would expect Lumineth next year and I don't think they are gonna out a underworlds mini in there let alone new models, the rest seems likely thought

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In an interview sometime last year (it might be one of the podcasts for ossiarchs?)  it was said that they were going to shift focus form Death, which dominated the Soul wars, toward Destruction. I just think its not yet got its steam behind it to get going, but I could see them certainly wanting to push the two newest Destruction armies with new content in them. Esp since pushing Ogors will likely have a knock on benefit for Giants. 

Looking forward to next week's preview event, especially as we are fast running out of things for GW to release that we currently know of. 


Battleforce previews we saw look nice; not sure if its all of them or just half or a such. The four they do show look meaty and fun! 


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