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The Rumour Thread

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2 hours ago, Infernalslayer said:

If i were to face mega gargants on a regular basis, i think a pike and a shield in the shape of a lego brick would be the best equipment indeed.

I felt pain in my foot as I read this.

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8 minutes ago, Rhivan said:

When fighting Gargants please refer to "Home Alone" for all strategies needed to defeat them. 

~Sigmar Bless

Or lead them to the next big gnawhole, throw a certain free guild person into that hole who wanted to die for a long long time, and is the most favorite puppet of that giant.

just hope that the giant jumps into that gigantic gnawhole to rescue his pet.

and then wait till the poisoned fumes of the tunnel melt the giant flesh of the bones.

and voilà you’ll have enough food for skavenblight to keep the tedious hordes of vermin supplied for the next  thirteen years.


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13 hours ago, Infernalslayer said:

As cool as they usually look, i very much dislike miniatures with long spears/pikes, especially  when they all hold them facing forward.

It is a nightmare when playing with or against them, trying to rank them up without breaking bits off or damaging the paint.

Yeah imagine trying to "honey comb" them to get what looks like 3 ranks into combat.

In general, models where a part of them got overhang is a pain. So annoying when parts are sticking out of the base area. Slaanesh Exalted Chariot comes to mind - So ****** annoying when trying to play!

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1 hour ago, DantePQ said:

I am a bit worried they will undercost this blender-lord with his 3+ ethereal save (guess who’ll be almost immortal to anything but mortal wounds xD)

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