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Contrast, Join Lines, Speed


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Hey all,

A thought (fuelled perhaps by 5 shots of Jim Beam, a bottle of Cooper's Red, and 4 Miller Lites) just popped into my head.


Contrast is all about speed.

Speed comes from slathering on the liquid goodness and letting it flow.

Paint flows into recesses.

Cracks are a recess.

Contrast paint will totally highlight the join lines from assembly of models.

To avoid this, use putty and clean up, which takes time.

Time savings is a perk of Contrast which will be negated by having to clean join lines.







(BTW, I own a bunch of GWstock and it has done very, very, very well for me leading up to Contrast, so I don't want to see it fail. Just being honest about the drunken thought I had.)

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A lot of their newer models have better join lines in general and GW is getting better at hiding them against natural seams in the model design. That siad some are still bad like one of the new fiends has join lines all down one side of its chest in an open clear area. 


That said plastic glues can also hide join lines better than superglues on metal models. 


Also contrast is about speeding up, but its not always about meaning that you're rushing the whole process; just taking less time in one segment of it. So sure you can speed up the painting, but you'll still need to fix the join lines. 

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I think it will depend on the models. I've been pretty happy about the lack of mold and join lines on Bloodreavers. Older models like Plague monks and Bloodletters are another story. I spent 2 hours cleaning mold lines of off a box of Plague Monks and I'm still finding more as I paint. Its a nightmare.

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