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Hallowheartian Fyreslayers?


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Bit of a lore question. Potentially putting together a themed army based around the free city of Hallowheart.

I your opinion would the  Fyreslayers in the army come from a particular lodge based in the city or come from lodges from the surrounding area to bolster the cities defences?

If from outside the city which lodge would be the most appropriate or if they are citizens of Hallowheart is there any info out there which suggests which lodge resides in  the city? 


Thanks for any help.

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According to the new Fyreslayer book, Fyreslayer lodges have forge-temples in various Free Cities, separate to their holds, so it's an either/or really. 🤷‍♂️

The Hermdar lodge are mentioned in the new battletome as being based near the Flamescar Plateau, so I guess they'd be your closest bet for Hallowheart.


If you're interested in Free City chat, or have any cool models or list ideas to share, please check out the discussion thread in my sig. :)

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