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[Destruction] BcR fun list


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I first want to apologize if I'm not posting in the right section and about all the mistakes I might write (as you know it, french ppl often have troubles with english haha)

My request is simple: to expand the Start Collecting! BcR on 1000 points or even more if you have ideas. My goal is to create a fun army, competitiv if possible but it is not a priority. For that, I'd like to recycle my old Battle units which I've roughly listed below:

- Stabbas

- Shootas

- Grot Spider Riders

- Big Boss Dagskar

- Shaman Nazbad

- Troll

- Fellwater Trogoths x3

(Dire Wolves are in Death right ??)

(Yes I've had the Battle for Skull Pass haha)

I guess that Beastclaw allegiance is already impossible, but what could I do with a Destruction allegiance ? My main problem being the two Battlelines (1000 points) or more.

To buy a Firebelly or craft a Butcher isn't a problem.

Thanks a lot for your attention ! :D

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If you want to expand BCR, I think the best thing you can get is another SC, though it will allow you to above 1000k. 

For 1k:

huskard on thundertusk, 4 mournfang, stonehorn beastriders


huskard on thundertusk, 2x 4 mournfang.

For 1.5k:

frostlord on stonehorn, huskard on thundertusk, 2x 4 mournfang, with 80 points spare for something like 4x frost sabres.

If on the other hand you want to do 1000pts with what you already have, try (Destruction allegiance):

frostlord on stonehorn, 40 stabbas, 20 shootas, 3 felwater Troggoth.

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