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Converting old world rules to AoS

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Anyone attempt to convert some old world rules to AoS for narrative games just to change things up? For example, I know a while back someone brought the Wizard cast to fail chart up to date with Sigmar. I'm looking for more stuff like that, maybe artifacts, weapons, Armor, Spells, I was thinking about trying to do some chaos stuff from the Realms of Chaos books for my Nurgle. 

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The lustria campaign is a good one for that! We did that two years ago and it’s so much fun. Won’t change the game itself fundamentally but it offers new scenarios etc. 

Currently I would love to do it again but use the malign portent heroes as the Druid and sorcerer. 

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There are some ressources out there, but I think that it is very easy to just adapt rules on the spot. Most of the WHF scenarios can be used with minimal change (the Dark Shadows campaign is great fun, especially with the Climate table).

For example, the Skirmish and Sieges in the Appendix of the 6th ed Rulebook require almost no changes to use (skirmish needs a little change to Initiative test and Siege equipment should be reworked, that's mostly it). And since AoS doesn't have decent rules for either, the old WHF books are like a free ressource!

I personally like creating new stuff, and translating old rules to AoS is fun. I was thinking of doing things like the original Path To Glory (the Chaos warband ones in White Dwarf) or some of the great ideas in the General's Compendium. But I often feel lazy to make the effort xD

However, I did adapt the Warband rules (without the campaign part) or made the Old Ones magic items into AoS, just because the whole idea of W40k items in fantasy is hilariously awesome (and I love the concept behind the Old Ones).





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