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Gotrek's Alive!


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Thought I'd create a thread for Gotrek since he isn't confined to just one army (well, hopefully). I'm loving his new model and can't wait to pick him up. What rules are you hoping he'll have? I'm hoping he'll be allowed in any Duardin army and have some sort of command ability or aura that effects Fyreslayers, Dispossessed, and Kharadron Overlords differently. Like Fyreslayers effected by it are immune to battleshock and KO can run and shoot. Dispossessed could reroll ones to wound :P. I don't think he should be allowed to be the army general though unless he gets some major lore updates in the new stories. Obviously he should be a beatstick hero too. It would be cool if he got angrier at being alive each battle round and powered up kind of like the old Skarbrand.  

I also hope Tom from Warhammer Weekly forces Vince to do a 6 hour Gotrek special episode of Warhammer Weekly where they discussed every conceivable list he could be included in... 

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I agree, i think it is a great idea for him to have all three duardin keywords and give different buffs to each army. After all, Gotrek is a dawi first and foremost. 

Realmslayer spoilers follow


I wonder if the design of the miniature is before he hammered the master rune into his flesh. He doesn't have the golden streaks in his beard and hair or the fyreslayer rune. Personally, i like both designs but we'll see i guess.


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