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Which line up should i use


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I have 2 line ups for a 1500 point tournament coming up. Which one should i use?

1. Might lord of khorne (general)

Artifact is gore cleaver

And the cammand trait is disciple of khorne

2 slaughter priests 1 with bronzed flesh and the other with killing frenzy

10 wrathmongers 

3 units of skullcrushers 2 units of 3 and 1 unit of 5

Brass stampede battalion

Then option 2 

Skullgrinder (general)

Artifact gore cleaver

Command trait disciple of khorne

Slaughter priest prayer blood sacrifice 

20 blood letters 

10 blood warriors

10 reavers

2 units of 10 wrathmongers

And a karanak

And this is blood forged battalion


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