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Beastclaw Raiders Start Collecting Assembly Options

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 One of my friends is starting out by playing beast claw Raiders, and he is asking me if the bees call writers huge general guys can be built as a thunderhusk, or is it just a stonehorn.

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Also, is this good for a budget army?

 It is heavily revolved around to start collecting boxes.

Huskard on Thunderhusk as General 360 

Mournfang Pack x4 Battleline 1 320

Huskard on Stonehorn 340

Mournfang Pack x4 Battleline 2 320

Thunderhusk Bestriders 340

Mournfang Pack x4 Battleline 3 320

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Yes indeed!  The Thundertusk/Stonehorn kit can be made either way.  Beastclaw Raiders are a very very good army for budget and time constraints I think.  They can also be super duper good performers in the game.  Not sure about any  battalions they might have, but the start collecting boxes are excellent.  I know many players like those ice Yetis too, and some like the saber cats for outflanking, but the big guys and the Mournfangs are great to start. 

One guy I've played with has a Stonehorn general, 2 of the Thundertusks that breath icy death shooting, and 3x3 Mournfangs I think?  And like 6 Yetis.  Can't remember what else, maybe an allied Ogor Butcher with the Cauldron for a wizard.

They could be considered easier to paint than many other armies because of the low model count, but also they don't have loads of super teensy fiddly details like fancy pants Chaos or Aelvish models often have.  Washes and drybrushing will be good techniques, as may the new contrast paints (which I have not tried yet).


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15 hours ago, DestroyerBirb said:

Is it the same for start collecting?

Yes, same sprues you would get in the separate boxes. There are not separate molds for start collecting.

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