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breaking "the wall"

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hello fellow gamers

ive been a long time collector of all things GW and have recently decided to try out the AOS system.  

I have a personal conundrum, i would LOVE to go to the LGS and throw some dice but i cant bring myself to go with unpainted models, easy right just paint my models......well the thing is im having ANXIETY like symptoms of painting my mini's.  I absolutely adore the building aspect of the hobby but the painting is turning into  something of a hindrance.  My main issue is i dont want to look a fool with terrible looking models, supporting the vicious circle of not painting therefore not getting any better.

has anybody experienced this or know somebody in a similar situation.    

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Have an eye out for the new contrast paints 


These are what GW is releasing in June and they are a range of paints which can instantly highlight, colour and shade a model in one coat of the colour. They do not replace highlighting nor shading nor any other method, but they provide a very solid base to work from. Letting you either get a battle ready army very fast onto the table with simple touching up of details after the contrast paints go on; or giving you a solid foundation to build up further detailing and highlighting detail etc....


In short they sound like the ideal product for you in helping you get up to having painted modesl to play with.



Another option - go over to ebay (or if you collect skaven or the few other models GW makes get some of them) - grab some old metal models. Don't pay a fortune just grab some. Then get yourself some paint stripping stuff (brown dettol in the UK - though there are loads of articles on paint stripping out there). Metal strips easily so you can undercoat it - paint it up - paint up a few - improve your skill and then soak them, strip the paint and start again. 

The idea is through this method you are building hand eye skills, brush handling skills, posture etc... You're basically gaining experience without risking your "actual models" for the tabletop. 

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Hello and welcome to the forum

The easy way is to get your models painted for you. It also can be the best way, maybe you can do some awesome conversions that you will be super proud of and just send it to a commission painter.

The hard way is to do it yourself, pick a low model count army or start from skirmish, later allows you to not only paint low number of models to get into gaming, but also paint different models instead of same average joes in multitudes of 10 which can be fatigueing to every painter. 

Don't be a perfectionist, stay at good enough and develop your skill, instead of trying to make one model look greatest of all for evenings.

If you can set up permament hobby space do not clear it and when you don't feel like painting, but have some spare time - force yourself to sit down and paint, even for 15 minutes, it will be better than nothing. I, personally, procrastinate a lot so I have to force myself 80% of the time, but when I start I wouldn't stop.

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