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South London - Chaos


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Hi everyone, 

I'm a recently returning player. I played a bit of WHFB up until 12 years ago then took something of a gaming sabbatical. I got hooked on Malifaux last year, and started looking for another system to play in addition and gave AoS a look. 

I play down at South London Legion in Croydon and also at Warboar Games in Bromley. I'm not looking for an intense game to play as I get that from Malifaux, but more of a change of pace in a friendly gaming environment. 

Anyway, I've accumulated about 2,500 points of Chaos, mainly Khorne Bloodbound. I used to play Bretonnians many years ago, and I must admit I'm sad that they're now Legacy. But I'm still looking forward to getting some more games of AoS in. 

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