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Khorne/Slaves to Darkness 1k Army

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Posted (edited)

Hey guys, I am entering a 1k tournament, and I will be versing Skaven, Stormcast, Beastclaw Raiders, and more. Here is a list of everything I own/I can borrow. Please tell me an army list I can use for tomorrow. I will be there in 12 hours, so any suggestions will be appreciated.

Chaos Sorcerer Lord

Chaos Chariot

Chaos Knights x5

Chaos Warriors x10

Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury

Bloodletters x10

Skull Cannon

Bloodcrushers x3


Chaos Gargants x2 

Khorgus Kull/Mighty Lord of Khorne 



Blood Warriors x5

Bloodreavers x10

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Posted (edited)

I can’t buy/borrow any other models currently, so keep that in mind.

Also, my bloodmaster can be a skulltaker, and I would like exactly 1k plz.

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