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Newbie help to common enemy army combinations.


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Planning on playing some friendly local tournaments to get few games going with others. Only played against stormhost 7-8 units so does anyone have some tips on common units people have in other armies I should think about being prepared for?

So many armies and war scrolls make hard to have an idea what face when start playing competitively. 

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Depends on how friendly your tournament ends up to be...

I just assume that you know the ins and outs of undead armies, LoN and FEC, so you know what’s coming.

Nurgle: plaquebearers are resilient but boring. Blightkings can dish out pretty good, but a little debuff (-1 to hit) goes a long way. Plague Drones are fast and have a lot of hp, they have some ranged attack. Nurgle has some good synergies, so the heroes are kinda prio targets too.


Khorne: those Bloodthirsters are sick and the cheapest one has the crazy „on a hit of 6 everybody within 8“ gets 4MWs“...and can have first strike too. The skullcrushers dish out d3 MWs on charge if they are >6 models, that tends to hurt. The slaughterpriests are brutal (d6 MWs on 3+) and their prayers can also hurt. The rest of them are kinda ok. Wrathmongers and skullreapers are elite and hurt but nothing crazy. Skullcannons dish out d6, so even if they only have one shot, if it hits, it hurts.


Ironjawz: in the current meta sadly left behind, but still boar boyz are fast and can still fight, while brutes are made to deal with bigger foes.


Sadly no wider experiences in AoS 2.0 with Overlords, Fyreslayers, Sylvaneth or stormcasts. Seraphon I only met once...stupid carnosaur almost made my morghast run away.

from the Ancient Times the kharadrons have strong shooting, but if you kick them, they crumble. The fyreslayers are very resilient and what I heard swing big axes nowadays. Sylvaneth are fast with their woods, and those Ents hit like bricks. Stormcast are stupid posterboyz. Have extreme good shooting thou, but the evocator or if you’re going horde decimators will wreck you.


that‘s it from here, but as you can see, it’s a lot and very personal experiences, no fishes , wenches or naked ladyboys involved (sadly). So you‘ll have to find out for yourself what is happening out there...


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