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Khorne - Help a noob out?


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So I've snagged a couple of Khorne start collecting boxes and the new battletome.

I've made posts on other forums but a kind stranger said this is the best place for advice.
I'm currently reading throught the Khorne mega-thread and I'm a bit overwhelmed.

 What sort of lists can I play at around 1000pts? Any tactical advice? What should I buy next? 

Command traits and relics are especially confusing for me.

The models I have are: 
1 x Mighty Lord of Khorne 
1 x Bloodsecrator 
1 x Bloodstoker 
1 x Slaughterpriest with Hack-blade and Wrath-hammer 
1 x Khorgorath 
3 x Mighty Skullcrushers 
15 x Blood Warriors 
10 x Bloodreavers
1 x Karanak
5 x Flesh Hounds

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Welcome to Khorne, you have a great selection of starting models, here's what I would recommend for your starting list at 1000 points:


Mighty Lord

5 Blood Warriors
5 Blood Warriors
5 Blood Warriors

= 1000 points (I think)


Karanak doesn't count towards your allowance of 4 leaders and his ability can be used to  summon the 5 Flesh Hounds you have. I'd recommend the box of Khorne Judgements as your next purchase, as they turn your Slaughterpriest into an amazing model and they bring lots of utility.

All of your characters have the Mortal and Bloodbound keywords ... this gives them access to all of the Mortal and Bloodbound Command Traits and all of the non Daemon Artifacts.

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QwrYou can take one artifact in your army plus another for every battalion you run. You general gets a command trait. If you are running a slaughterhost (you should run goretide) you have to use the artifact and command trait given. In addition, you also get an extra command ability. 

In terms of tactics, it is important to decide what your plan is. With the list given by Galdenistal, your main damage dealers are your mighty Lord, khorgorath, and karanak. You want these units to be the ones who whack your enemies over the head. Your bloodwarriors are your anvil. These guys are pretty tanky and are good for holding the enemy in place. I would also run 10 and 5, not 3 units of five. Your secretor, priest, and stoker should stay far away from combat and buff everything. Khorne is hard to play but very rewarding.

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