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Just thought I'd say "Hi"


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Hello there!

After browsing the forum for a while, I thought I'd finally create an account. 

Who am I? Dutch, 32, long-time Warhammer Fantasy player who got tired of the ever-growing unit sizes, which are particularly hurtful when you play Orcs&Goblins and have little time to paint. I disliked Age of Sigmar when it first hit, since it looked like a half-hearted attempt at writing a game, but I really like how it developed over the years.

I guess the turning point for me were the Kharadron Overlords, which are a very cool concept. So, naturally, I started AoS with a unit of Arkanauts. The army did not develop much further so far, since I was distracted by the arrival of the Gloomspite Gitz. Plastic Squigs! That's all I needed to start rebasing my Night Goblins, which is happening very gradually.

Anyway, I look forward to participating on this forum and showing off some of my work in the near future. Cheers!

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Welcome to the site!

Look forward to seeing your armies appearing on battlefields! 

KO should hopefully get a new Battletome this year as GW is pushing them out quite regularly for AoS and I would wager we'll see most armies with a new Tome by the end of the year. So its a fantastic time to get involved; esp for Gloomspite with a new duel box out (though better get it fast I've heard that stocks are flying off the shelves already). 

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