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Long-time lurker finally made an account

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Hello everyone,

I've been following TGA for over a year now and finally I made an account to partecipate in some of the discussions.

A few words about me, at the moment AoS is my favourite tabletop-game. I stopped playing 40k when they gutted my list (Raven Guard) but with AoS I'm not that scared since the variety compensate the issue I have with 40k.

I'm currently playing Nighthaunt (I have every unit so I should be fine when and if the point drop/increase happens) I'm also starting a 1k Idoneth and Nurgle army since I finished painting my 3-4k Nighthaunt.

I'm really excited to see Warcry and Forbidden powers, hopefully at warhammer fest we see more infos 🤞🏻

Have a nice day.

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