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New Hedonists of Slaanesh “Euphoric Killers” rule - how would it interact with magic weapons?



Hi all,

 So the first rules preview for the new Hedonists of Slaanesh book has only been up for a few hours and already I have a potential FAQ-worthy question...

(I know, I know. Chances are this will be made perfectly clear when the book hits, so maybe I’m being a bit too hasty, but I’m a true devotee of Slaanesh and patience is more of a Tzeentian virtue). 

Assuming that it isn’t clarified explicitly when the book hits, how would you interpret the rules interactions below?


“Jadewound Thorn: Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons to be the Jadewound Thorn. If the hit roll for that weapon is 6+ that attack inflicts one mortal wound in addition to it’s normal damage.”

“Euphoric Killers: If the unmodified hit roll for an attack made with a melee weapon by a CHAOS SLAANESH unit is a 6, that attack inflicts 2 hits on its target instead of 1.” 

Do you think that this would then apply an additional 2 mortal wounds in addition to normal damage? Technically there was only one ‘hit roll’, but 2 ‘hits’ come from that single hit roll....(?)

I figure (looking carefully at the wording and the use of the words “attack” and “hits” in the rules above), actually it wouldn’t apply 2 mortal wounds as it’s still only 1 ‘attack’?


There are multiple weapons like this which have extra effects on 6s: the Blade of Carving from Ghur says “if the hit role from an attack from that weapon is a 6+ the wound role for that attack is automatically successful.”

in this case I guess the special effect would have to apply to both hits as they both share the same hit roll(?) and it seems like the only practical way to apply the rule is to apply it to both hits. That makes me rethink my initial thoughts about the Jadewound Thorn as it has very similar wording, so maybe it would apply 2 mortal wounds... 


I dread to think how some people might try to apply the Euphoric Killers rule to the Sword of Judgement... Although the phrase “and the attack sequence ends” for that weapon leads me to think that it doesn’t actually apply any hits. 

Aaargh the confusion. Thoughts? 


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