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Bretonnian Army WHFB 5th Edition

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Lovely old metal bretonnian army ; terrible camera.

Painted to a tabletop standard many many years ago. Will need a few retouches here and there - or strip and start afresh. 

Happy to offer it on forums for below ebay value for a "job lot" sale

Asking price is 630 495 euros, EU shipping included.


Basic breakdown:

Two units of spearmen, 5th edition metals. Each led by a knight.

One unit of spearmen, 4th edition foot-knight with kettle helmet; led by a knight and the battle-standard.

One unit of archers and another unit of archer skirmishers

The foot-knight commander  and his retinue of banners and champion

A mounted unit of knights - all sorts of models including grail knights, Repanse de Lyonesse, Baron Odo,

The general is mounted on a seriously dynamic ral partha steed.

And there is a champion to maraude around the battlefield on a unicorn, I would substitute him as the green knight.


still struggling


Any interest let me know and I'll work to provide clearer images



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Love it. I'm currently selling my Stormcast, if someone buys them, I might go for this! :)

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Hi @7phwt

Are any of these still for sale? If so are you looking to only sell it all as one lot or would you be willing to split any bits?


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1st rule of buying - never be afraid to make an offer!

Drop me a Private Message, worst case scenario: you get a reply saying, "thanks but no..."

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