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Guidelines for army building

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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if it would be possible to generate something like a "cheat sheet for army building".

Perhaps something already exists and I was just unable to search for the correct term, but if not, I think this would be a very nice tool especially for newer players.

As I am myself quite new to the Hobby with not too many games under my belt I would love to hear the opinions and ideas of more experienced players.

My idea would be to generate a army/allegiance independent guideline that encompasses important factors to consider when building an army.


Just as an example,:

- Take bodies for capping: Think about taking at least one unit that is lagre enough to be able to hold an objective.

- Choose a solid anvil: What kind of defensively capable units can you choose that can help protect your  valuable/important models?

- Choose a capable hammer: What kind of offensive units can you choose?

- Choose an overall strategy: e.g. turtelling, alpha-striking, grinding through your opponnent


Of course this is so far really really sketchy, but I would just like to know if there would be a general interest to create a guideline like this.


Thanks for all replies. :)



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Recently this is our discussion on this matter. For the most I was waiting on others to see who wanted to do what towards articles. It’s something I certainly wouldn’t mind doing/taking charge of.

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Depends what you want from this to be honest, there’s a lot of factions who can do  things and build armies in very different ways. 

Not all armies need hammers, anvils, large units, chaff etc... so a catch all guide like this is probably not so useful. 

If you’re doing matched play, the stuff you want to be thinking of are all battleplan related. So do you have, heroes, wizards and artefacts etc to meet objective conditions.

Further to that armies can rarely do all the 18 battleplans perfectly so some you have to plan to win suboptimaly, ie playing not how your list wants to play, if that makes sense. 


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