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Adepticon Predictions


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It's that time of year again. Last year at Adepticon they announced:

3 codexes
Imperial Knights
Full spoiler of Idoneth Deepkin
Malign Sorcery teaser
Nightvault teaser
Warhammer Legends
Sisters of Battle

This year I expect:

Pull the veil off Forbidden Power
Reveal the last two Nightvault warbands and maybe tease Season 3
More stuff for Vanguard Primaris
More stuff for Kill Team & Blackstone Fortress
2 updated battletomes for AOS (Seraphon & Tzeentch?)
A full reveal of Warcry
News about Darkoath and Slaanesh

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minor thing but they already reveal the Sylvaneth warband at LVO. I fully expect the KO one be reveal at Adepticon though

For AoS, I predict they may reveal or tease what the next big model release for AoS is going to be, Forbidden power reveal, and maybe a Battleforce box with order vs destruction in it. probably more Stormcast models for the safe bet.

other stuff is probably Sister of battle, more Primaris vanguard models, and books


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Considering the massive Chaos space marine push atm I wouldn't expect much, honestly, in the way of models. What we know so far is that Sisters of Battle probobly will be a 40k focus. More "from the workshop" stuff. I *think* 40k codex are up too date? So book wise that shifts the focus wholly onto AoS.  I'd have to imagine 40k in general will be fairly quite...

So AoS, what i'm expecting:

-Battletomes. 2 more reveals, and my money is even on 3! I'm betting they'll all be order. Seraphon, KO, and Sylvaneth. Destruction will, of course, get nudged out again likely getting some token release later in the year. Endless spells/whatever KO get to go along with it. Tzeentch is a good pick too, but talk about fricken chaos overload if true.

-Underworld Warbands, whatever factions they may be.

- Discussion, probobly on community, of what exactly Warcry is.

- First real meat to set the stage for Forbidden Power happening for the summer.

We know there is a new faction coming to AoS sometime this year... but so close on the heels of this massive  40k release I find it hard to imagine there'd be even more kits coming up. And setting any hope for Destruction ANYTHING to maximum salt, so literally a token line in someone else's battletome will be a pleasant surprise. lol

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from the 40k side I heard that they are updating some codex that came first (space marine and Chaos space marine). I think that Primaris space marine will get a new  updated codex like the chaos marine just got and then maybe Eldar/Ynnari would be the other one.

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1 minute ago, novakai said:

from the 40k side I heard that they are updating some codex that came first (space marine and Chaos space marine). I think that Primaris space marine will get a new  updated codex like the chaos marine just got and then maybe Eldar/Ynnari would be the other one.

I would not be surprised if they released a Codex: Primaris and left the old space marine stuff in the previous book.

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I'm thinking we'll get a Slaanesh battletome announcement with a few new models. Maybe KO and Slyvaneth too though those would just be new battletomes/terrain/endless spells.  Then a breakdown about Forbidden Power.

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I will just drop my quote from the Rumour Thread

21 minutes ago, Charleston said:

Do we have some hints on the size of the Adepticon-Releases? Last year it was pretty amazing with all the Idoneth Deepkin stuff.
I would guess on the following ones:

  • Gutbuster Battletome (maybe merged with BCR)
  • Darkoath Info (we currently have...none...really...we know they are coming but don´t even have vague information)
  • Seraphon Battletome + Usual stuff
  • Maybe another Forbidden Power Trailer
  • Something 40ki-sh, maybe first bigger swing of Sororitas?
  • New Skirmish game
  • New Specialist game stuff

But honestly....It could be anything. GW is pretty solid on the matter of leaks. I wouldn´t wonder about anything that hasn´t been mentioned yet on an rumour thread.

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 Things I want:

- Warcry. Everything we could know. Release asap.

 - Sylvaneth and Kharadron Overlords update with terrain and spells.

 - Kharadron underworlds warband.

 - Battletome Aelfs with the dark, high and wood merged. 

 - And for 40k the book of Ynnarii would be nice too.

Maybe I will be lucky enough and almost everything will be covered

Pd: anything Aelf related is nice for me

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My guess:

  • More infos on Forbidden Powers,
  • the new Underworld Warbands
  • a teaser for the new two-faction box like for Carrion Empire

Id like to see this. But I wouldn't be disappointed if it didn't happened. The last few events taught me to not expect too much. 😅

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I would expect:

Hands on with Warcry models on show
Detailed look at the full starter set
More details of the Forbidden Power, including looks at the new endless spell models
Battletome announcement for one of the unpredicted, likely free people or duardin.

Maybe some other flavourful stuff but those four are my bets

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Things I actually expect (nothing to do with what I want):

  • More about Warcry (possibly giving away the whole thing)
  • More about Forbidden Power (definitely still leaving more untold than told)
  • KO and Sylvaneth battletome reveals

Not a lot more than this.

(P.S. we still don't "know" anything about Darkoath.  We very strongly suspect; we are making an educated guess; it is very likely, but we know nothing.)

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28 minutes ago, Mutton said:

My predictions are that GW are watching this thread so they can make sure to reveal something completely out of left field.

" Look like none of them expect a stormcast chamber guys, you know what to do ! "

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We’ve gotten as good a teaser of Warcry as we are gonna get, so it’s gonna be the full game there.

Full detail drop for Forbidden Power

Teaser for the next army. Since we just had moon goblins, it’s gotta be sun elves as it’s opposite.

WU: KO contents, which will either get a drop with Sylvaneth, or another set of cards.

Battletomes: Sylvaneth and KO.

And then loads of stuff for 40K

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Just food for thought, they stuck with "3s" last year. So 3 announcements for 40k, 3 for AoS, and 3 specialist games. And to break that down: 1 thing we basically already know, 1 thing that further clarifies a different thing, 1 thing brand new. So just fill in the blanks for that format. 

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I think GAMA really set the table for Adepticon.

Almost certain:

  • Full details on Warcry, with release in May
  • First details on Forbidden Power (expect Endless Spells v2, with a new twist), to be release in July
  • KO and Sylvaneth warband, to be released next month
  • Always more Sisters of Battle, to be released in November


  • The next dual box with the next two Battletomes, although the might come out of nowhere like the last two
    • My guess is Ironjaw/soup Orruk vs KO/soup dwarf. 
    • The reason for more soup Battletomes is that this year is a year of consolidation. Last year Battletomes were all about giving your more options with your army, undoing the terrible splits from early AoS 1. And since we expect a lot of new Battletomes this year, the easiest way to give you options is to bring army together again. Then, starting next year, with their brand new factory, they'll be able to expend every little faction with new models.
  • Teaser for a "new" army: Slaneesh is of course possible, but I'm expecting a new version of an old army, like Free People, Aelves or Ogors.
    • I think Darkoath might have been turned into Warcry, but maybe not...
  • Something something Primaris...


  • A brand new army.
  • A new boxed game! But probably not...

Kill Team and Blackstone Fortress had their next expansion announced at GAMA, so there might be some new details for that but nothing major. 40k just had what I suppose is this year's big upgrade, the next one should be Sisters. They'll probably get some new World Eaters and Emperor's Children before the end of the year too.



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I would love news of a shiny new Battletome for Seraphon.  I'd also love some endless spells and magic lores for the Slann  who are the absolute and unchallenged masters of magic. 

It always bugged me that every Slann's birth (hatching?) predates Sigmar, Teclis, Nagash, and every other being in the Old World and Mortal Realms (except possibly the Chaos Gods) by thousands of years, are functionally immortal since they basically live on magic, and can summon everyone they've ever known with a thought yet in game all they can do is make dinosaurs float and help my Bravery 10 units pass the Battleshock test they weren't failing anyway (and mess with Chaos daemons' tests a bit).

My only concern is that they'll release scenery with the book...not because I don't like the scenery but if recent trends hold true, the Seraphon scenery will be a 1/10 scale model of Chichen Itza and will be nearly 10 feet tall.

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I have a feeling that this will be the big summer reveal. 

Most likely include

-forbidden power reveal: new endless spells or something like endless spells

-new army: Slaanesh or Something we know nothing about

-rework of an old army: Free peoples, Dispossessed, Darkoath, Ogres

-New 2.0 Tomes/ endless spells/ terrain: Bonesplittaz, Ironjaws, Seraphon, KO, Sylvaneth, Tzeentch, Beastclaw, Fyreslayers


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I don't think will see Slaneesh yet. We're right on the heels of a huge chaos release in 40k. I dont think they'd also do Slaneesh right now as, as that is a bit much for people to buy.

My votes on, if we do see an army update in models, something brand new or unrelated to chaos.


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I would like to see a battle tome for one of these:

”free” people


combined aelves of old

they all really need some love.

I suspect it won’t be any of these, a darkoath sneakpeak would suffice though, I’m interested in them but also think the chaos tide should roll in and be done then make way for other factions regardless of game system

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