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Hi all,

For my order armies I have a vision for what I want my bases to look like, but its not quite working out.

The concept I had was of land breaking and underneath blue magic/light streaming out, as in the first picture.

But the bases just don't quite seem to capture it, as seen in 2nd picture.

Does anyone have any ideas for how to make this work better? 

Also at the last GT I couldnt help but notice that the nicest bases tended to have an additional '3d' element, such as mini trees or resin bases.

Any thoughts what could work well here?




Magic Ground.png


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I think something like @ten ball posted could work well. If you want some height in the basing you could also give some bases a bit more hight but crumbling down edges. Like they are walking on collapsing ground. 

Thats were the depth of view comes from in the picture


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On 3/19/2019 at 4:02 PM, sainted75 said:

With the texture base paints like agrellan earth I would also advise sealing them with something like a varnish, the large bits can chip off quite easily.

PVA glue (I think it is called Elmer's Glue in the United States) mixed with water works well too.

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