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New player = New gear

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Hey all

I am a new AoS player, starting a Tzeentch army.
Right now got around 2500 points total, around 70-90 models in total

I am looking for a transport and store bag of some sort, and i kind of fell in love with the Battlefoam Magna Racks.

But i cant seem to figure out what size i should go for.

I am torn between the 432, and the 720.
The 432 seem a better fit right now, as it would be more "Full", than the 720.
But thinking of that i properly will get alot more models in the future, is it worth more to get the 720 of the bat?

I have not yet bought any of the "big" models like LoC, but i can asure you that this is incomming, in the near future.

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I would highly suggest the bigger bag.  I tried the 432 for my Primaris and quickly outgrew it.  I would rather have some extra space than not enough.

Definitely get the LoC, it was fun to paint.

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