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Painting scheme for ice-themed skeleton army


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Edit: I realize there is a section dedicated to painting on the forum. I duplicated this post over there for obvious reason. Please ignore this post (or delete if you are an admin) And sorry for the noise.

Hi there, 

Leaving my cute rat-men for a moment, I wanted to start an army of undead. So, I turned to Nagash himself because, master of the dead and all seemed a good start. Anyway, I plan to get some skelies and start experimenting, but I wanted to try something different than the usual bone-colored bones, and go more toward an ice theme (similar to the Lich-King in warcraft 3, maybe)

The main colors for this scheme are black and blue with silver lining (literally). Everything bone would be black with blue glow, the tissue bright blue and the metal colored silver with blue shade. And the whole on a snowy base. At least that's how I picture it.

But, what are you opinion on that ? Do you think this paint scheme goes well together and with the model ? Do you have some recommandation for specific paint (especially for the metal) I could use ? Do you have any references you could share ?

To finish this post, I feel like I should do a death related joke or something, but I probably should not be so dead set about it...

Thanks a lot and cheers!

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