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Inherited some orrucs, where should i go?


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Hey all, big time death player and I just inherited some orrucs that I'm not sure how to develop. I have 10 boys with swords and 10 with now and arrows. What would you guys suggest as a good purchase? Just looking to get a 1k army for fooling around with. Thanks!!!!

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To get a 1k army, you'll need a Start Collecting box, a box of Boyz and a Shaman, plus finding 10 bows on a bitz site (since there's no actual kit currently for Orruk archers) which will give you the following

Warboss on a Boar - 140

Warboss with a Waaaghh Banner - 140

Shaman - 140

20 x Boyz with Swords - 200

20 x Boyz with bows - 200

5 x Boarboyz - 100

1 x Chariot- 80

It's not the most impressive Destruction force in the game, but that's a solid mixed role core force, you've got a mobile core in the chariot. boarboss and boarboyz, the shaman and the archers can hang back and the ladz engage the biggest threat.

OVer time you can swap models out such as the Wyvern mounted warboss, or get some more boarboyz

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