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Acronym Translator

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I've no idea what its properly called, but this got suggested in the rumours thread a short while back and it might be worth considering. 

It's basically a copy of what Dakka forums do - that is having a system that allows the mods to input commonly used abbreviations and their meanings, so that when terms like BoK and AoS get used they'd be highlighted and a user can hover over the words with their mouse to get a small window popup that explains what the term means. 


Since TGA deals with basically one lore set (AoS) it should be pretty effective since most of the abbreviations are going to be easy to add as they'll only have one meaning. There might be a couple that have a double meaning and that can be noted in the popup, the reader can then infer which it is by the context of the thread and post. 

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This is a great idea, I can say as a newcomer the "locally developed" shorthand language used on forums can sometimes be a little confusing.

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