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Choir of Torments 2.5k Slaanesh list looking for Feedback

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So I had been holding off on Slaanesh hoping that their book would be announced at LVO, but with Khorne being announced, who knows how long we will have to wait so I figured I'd come up with a solid new list based on our updates from Wrath and Rapture I can run in the meantime. I'd be grateful on any feedback.

Host: Pretenders

Realm: Aqshy

Exalted Great Daemon of Slaanesh - 440pts - General, Ignax's Scales, Allure of Slaanesh, Supremely Vain

Infernal Enrapturess - 120pts

Chaos Sorcerer Lord - 160pts

Herald on Seeker Chariot - 100pts

Herald on Seeker Chariot - 100pts - Mask of Spiteful Beauty

30 Daemonettes - 270pts

30 Daemonettes - 270pts

5 Hellstriders - 100pts - Whips

5 Hellstriders - 100pts - Whips

6 Fiends - 320pts

10 Seekers - 240pts

5 Seekers - 120pts

Aethervoid Pendulum - 40pts

Battalion: Choir of Torments - 120pts

Total: 2500pts


I know the exalted is a bit over costed but I have the big Raging Heroes "not" Keeper of Secrets and love the model. ;)

I figure Pretenders fits well as the re-roll 1st to hit is amazing for the Nettes and getting two command abilities lets me really double down on making that Exalted strong. 

My goal is for the Exalted to move with one block of Daemonettes to threaten one area of the board while the another area of the board is threatened by the Choir. Both little groups get escorted by a squad of hellstriders to make them tougher with the -1 to hit banner.

Meanwhile, seekers can do their Seekers thing and rip down a flank and lightspeed and just be annoying. Heralds similar role and help farm depravity. 

Opted for the Pendulum to give the Exalted something to cast since her spell sucks in most situations.  I've had good success in the past with her using one of her spell casts to dispell an existing pendulum and then her second cast to recast it in a really nasty position. 

Thoughts? Feelings? Really appreciate it!

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