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swiftmus' Gloomspite Gitz *24/03: Mangler Squigs done!*


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Since moving to an area that not only has an active Warhammer club, but one that includes people playing AoS, I decided to find a new army and dive back in. I wanted something which would provide some painting contrast to my 40k Harlequins, and Gloomspite Gitz were announced at just the right time, making them the perfect choice. I originally started WHFB with the 6th edition starter set (Orcs vs Empire) and also have the Skull Pass goblins lying around. O&G were my first ever Warhammer army so I am excited to return to my green roots.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been steadily working on a unit of Boingrot Bounders and am really happy with how they have come out. I just need to do the bases (including the mushroom skewered on the champion's lance). I'm thinking realm of metal, so some sort of basic dirt highlighted with some metallics, possibly some blue pools to represent copper etc); for the mushrooms I am probably going to paint them as rusted metal.

I love using bright colours and avoid painting black wherever possible, hence the red robes. So here they are, the 'Knights who slay knee(s)'.

To do: I have 60 spear grots assembled and ready for priming (40 from Skull Pass and a fresh box of 20, including 3 metal netters), alongside Skragrott and a Mangler Squig to be assembled.






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Real life got in the way for a while, but I've finally finished basing the Bounders. There is more I could do but I'm calling these done for now; I think the rust-shrooms came out particularly well (and were super easy to do).

I ran out of brown spray while priming the Mangler so will need to pick up some more before I can continue painting the Gitz. Also have Skragrott assembled, and a unit of 60 Stabbas and a kitbashed Madcap Shaman being sprayed for me at my local GW (managed to win a painting competition with a 40k model and got some 'slave labour' as a prize!).




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@Jackinrae The squigs were quite simple to do, it's pretty much entirely drybrushing and washes.  The recipe/order was something like this:

1. Base coat with Naggaroth Night
2. Drybrush Genestealer Purple
3. Carroburg Crimson wash on top, with a Druchii Violet wash on the undersides (this didn't seem to make much difference, if I were to do anymore I'd do some heavier drybrushing on their undersides with a lighter colour first - see Duncan's Mangler Squig skin video on Warhammer TV)
4. Drybrush Lucius Lilac on the most raised areas
5. Drybrush Emperor's Children on specific areas of raised details, such as lips, boils, faces etc.

I found it a lot easier to paint the insides of the mouths and tongues before gluing the faces on.

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WIP on the Mangler Squigs, lovely models but I have no idea how I'm going to transport it once it's fully assembled 😨

Personally, I really like the yellow armour, plus it's so simple to do!

Building as the Loonboss variant but would like to leave the option to also run as a regular Mangler. The boss actually sits quite snuggly just dry-fitting so I hopefully won't need to mess about with magnets or pinning.

As for other progress, I have started painting a kitbashed Madcap Shaman and Skragrott, as well as putting 40 bfsp grots onto round bases.



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The Mangler is complete, apart from the base. I haven't glued the riders or the chain and while photographing, the model seemed pretty stable so that will make it easier to store and transport the model. I'm really pleased with the complete look, although it is an awkward model to photograph!


Skragrott is on the painting desk right now but I am also looking to improve my painting skills in general and have ordered an unrelated model to try next. Therefore this will probably be the last update for the Gitz for now, although I will post final pics of the Mangler Squigs once the base is finished.





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