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Daves colorchest. Mainly Orcs, Chaos and Wood Elves


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12 hours ago, elfhead said:

Lovely stuff as always, the prince looks really nice. The centaur model is great to start with. I can’t seem to spot te bow to go with the arrows though? 

Thank you, sir. 

True, maybe i fund some space attaching one. If not it would be like in middle of the battle and he threw the bow away to go on fighting in close combat. 😁


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Just dropping by to say: Thank you :)
Reason ? > Your Sisters of the Thorn conversion.

I was getting ready to do the whole "Centigor" thing all over again. You know the: Take the Gor, take the Horse, remove legs & head, file the excess, fit into the horse socket, greenstuff, more greenstuff and btis. All 9 yards I did for my Beastmen Centigors, but with the Sisters as a female variant using the SotT box.

And here you, good dear sir have cut the amount of work by using the Melusai upper bodies which already come separated from their bottom parts! Genius!

They do seem a bit thinner than if done from the Sisters, but hell, this saves me so much time and energy spent on fitting those two miniatures together to make that nice looking W3 Dryad thats its well worth a try!

So again, thank you for this inspiration, and keep up the good work ;)  (also that engraving on that orc axe is very neat!)

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20 minutes ago, daveboy said:

Still WIP! ;) The Bases will be with a Water effect on the black soil, but will be attached when the model is finished.







Looking good! What will you be using for the water? I’m doing my first water base testing tomorrow 🤞

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