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How to spend my precious precious pounds

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If you're reading this then I'm afraid I've tricked you into looking at yet another new players list. Well I'm not that new, I've had 6 years of playing under my belt but that was many moons ago, back when fantasy was fantasy and Warhammer had square bases (I know weird right?).

The long of the short is I came back into the fold after pottering around a GW store and getting the painting/gaming itch I've not had in 11 years. After chatting away to a GW employee, playing an intro game and feverishly checking my bank account I decided upon Stormcast Eternals. Apparently they are quite good? To be honest they look a bit like space marines with swords, hammers and maces, that's all I needed to like 'em.

So I bought the battletome and have been locked in my room scribbling army lists for the past few days and I just decided to put something together that I thought had synergy, would look cool and wouldn't cost the earth (if this army is horrendously illegal, awful or makes no sense please forgive me and berate me in the comments):

(I went for 1500 points, that used to be normal in fantasy, is that a lot now? I have no idea if that's too much or too little now, I really have no idea what I'm doing.)

Astreia Solbright (220)

Knight-Heraldor (100)

Lord-Relictor (100)

Cleansing Phalanx (120)

  • Sequitors X5 (120)
  • Sequitors X5 (120)
  • Evocators X5 (200)
  • Evocators X5 (200)

Liberators X10 (200)

Celestar Ballista (100)

Total: 1,480

I figured I'd use the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost (reviving expensive units on a 5+ is a totally new concept to me and seems OP), no idea about artifacts as I believe i get 2 but have to take God-forged Blade first? Any help here would be well received.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! All I basically want to know is whether this army is  usable, I don't need it to be a world-beater, I just need something I can use and not be a cleared off the board in every game, thanks for the advice and happy wargaming! 


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The heart of the current Stormcast power are the Sequitors and Evocators, so the fact that your list leans heavily on them means you should be just fine in most games. All your other pieces are pretty solid choices that see common play and should serve you well going forward.  

Overall a great start and welcome back to the hobby.  

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