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AoS inferno

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What are the AoS inferno stories?  I am thinking about buying it, But don't care for the 40k stuff.

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They vary from Inferno to Inferno issue. There's one series running through the first issues where tales are told from those who've come to a bleak pub nestled in the solid claw of some great god-beast. Meanwhile others look into current events or even step in the past, there's a neat tale of humans and their last vigilant defiance against the forces of Chaos as they come to invade and take over. 

I'd say they are worth getting, you get a selection of fun stories from each of the games and the AoS ones are well worth picking up for that alone - and who knows a 40K story or Necromunda or even Bloodbowl might tempt you for a read now and then. 

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