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Battleplan Strategies (Border War)

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This is a hard one to judge with only one game on it thus far so i'm looking for folks with more experience to chime in.


There are four objectives - two at the outer edge of your deployment and two neutral objectives along the middle.  Control is more models in 6" than the enemy. Capture is permanent until it is captured by the enemy.  You score points on owned objectives at the end of your own turn.  Your enemies objective is worth the most at 4, the neutrals at 2, and your own at 1.  Most points gets major victory and units killed is the tie breaker.

Paper, Scissors, Rock (Strong, Stronger, Strongest)

Model clearing monsters, Teleporters & Summons

The objectives are all relatively close to one another.  Your main force should be quite close to your deployment objective. I feel like this one will turn into a slugfest.  You don't need to worry about your own objective much unless they can teleport or summon over, but that it predictable and you can defend against it to a degree.  It's going to be the late game placements at the 4 point objective that wins games.  Since armies are going to be in each other's faces monsters that can clear model count could be very useful.  If you can take objectives and move quickly past them it will make it all that much harder for your opponent to start getting more models in range.


Potentially send units out to the flank to threaten the side of a neutral objective and keep them wary of marching in on theirs.  Watch for summons and teleports. Other than that...punch your way to victory?

You could deploy in a denied flank and try to push hard to their zone, but I feel like this would fail since their army is close anyway.

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