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Thunderstruck. Kev's Thunderscorn Plog


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Another couple of hours this evening. Did red claw base on 9 drogors, bit of brass work, Waah and highlight on the wildfire taurus and washed the blue on the Shaggoths weapons. With a concerted effort I could knock the rest of my 2k out in a few days now, so no doubt itll be finished in a few weeks. 



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Got chased out of my hobby loft by a hornet but have been making progress, finally remembered to take some pics. Still got 4 more dragon Ogors and the three soulsnare Shackles to do, then the summoning pool, then back for tidy up work on this lot. Anyway here's some poorly lit pics so far 






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1 hour ago, Tommy said:

Congratulations on hitting 2k! 🙂👍

If you’re taking more army shots in future it’d be cool to see them organised into units rather than in one big group.

I'll no doubt get army shots next time I get them set up for a game, or failing that at their first event in a week or so, at BOBO. 

Very quick rush job to get a cockatrice to minimum standard whilst my toddler has his nap today. They're only for summoning so not too fussed. I'd still like to finish the 10 warhounds and 20 or 30 ungor in the next week. Otherwise I'll only be able to summon once I lose some dragon Ogors. 


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BOBO over and I didn't get many pics. Won 2 lost 3 so not great but a fantastic experience and learned a lot. 

Pic 1 is my deployment in total commitment vs a Nagash army. 

Pic 2 is me smashing up a Bonesplitterz army in shifting objectives. 



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Wall of text battle summaries. 

Game 1 was against Slaanesh Daemons. Keeper, 6 Fiends, a 30  and two 10’s of Daemonettes, 5 seekers, Epitome and Enrapturess, he also had the mesmerising mirror. The scenario was starstrike. We set up fairly normally with me setting a unit of 6 drogors off the board and I gave him first turn. He advanced up the board and pushed out his mirror in front of my group of shaggoths in the middle. I went and threw a wildfire Taurus into his line of fiends and charged into him. I used the darkwalkers command ability to teleport two shaggoths away from the mirror. Some fun interaction between the bull, mirror, herdstone and the slaanesh allegiance abilities really all messing with our charges and combats meant things didn’t quite go as either of us planned. I killed the 20 daemonettes and the fiends, then got the double turn to kill the enraptures, the epitome and almost kill the Keeper. Alas, leaving the keeper on two wounds after a Shaggoth died charging away from the mirror. This allowed him, going into his turn 3, to chain summon a herald, then an 2 enrapturesses, then 30 daemonettes onto my objective defended only by ten summoned hounds. That was game. But what a fantastic game it was, close and bloody and hilarious.


Game 2 was against DOK, Morathi, 2 20’s of spear-snakes, 2 5’s of heartrenders, 2 hags and a Medusa. This was places of arcane power and we both set up on our lines ready to have at each other, aside from 6 Drogors that sat in ambush. I took first turn and ran full tilt at him. However after failing all bar one of my charges I lost 6 Drogors to the blender that is the Melusai. His turn came and the blender started spinning faster, as each unit did about 30 wounds a phase to my poor army. Even the one shaggoth at the back on the leftmost objective wasn’t long for this world as he was murdered by the ten Heartrenders. A short and bloody game that showed me the horrific blending power of the snake ladies. Again, opponent was a fantastic gent and probably the friendliest chap I met all weekend.


Game 3 was against Nagash, Arkhan, Necromancer, 2 40’s of Skeletons and 2 5s of dogs. He also had the spellportal and the gravetide. Nagash and Arkhan were rocking all the debuff spells. Scenario was Total Commitment so I duly lined up my drogors on the starting line. His whole army bar 5 dogs sat on his left objective. I went first and took his other objective and proceeded to hold three objectives for the next 4 turns. Over the course of the 4 turns we played I killed 5 dogs, while his Curse of years killed a whole 6 drogors, and his artefact killed my general who was hiding off the board on a  wound.  One of the shaggoths got a hand of dust to the face through the portal. Good solid win but gave up something close to 1100 Vps. Another lovely gent, in only his 3rd or 4th game of AOS.

Game 4 was shifting objectives against Bonesplitterz. He had a Rogue Idol, three wizards, 4 big stabbas, 30 arrerz, 30 morboyz and 10 maniaks. We both lined up on the starting lines, I chose to go first and smashed into his lines. Only the rogue idol and 4 flying big stabbas ever made it out of his deployment zone, and they were mopped up by my shaggoths and drogors in short order. Bonesplitterz without a Rukk are in a pretty bad place at the moment. Hopefully a new book sorts this out soon. The rogue idol looks great but went down without much of a fight to a few drogors and a shaggoth. Another fun opponent, his army was very pretty too.


Game 5 was against a gavespawn desolating beastherd. Beastlord, 3 shamen, 10 ungor, 30 raiders, 30 gor, 30 bestigor, 6 minotaurs and a ghorgon. He also had the Taurus and the shackles. Scenario was focal points. I was a bit wary of his punch after running into the Melusai blender in game 2, so I kept my three 6s of drogors off until turn 2 using darkwalkers shenanigans. He won the roll off for turn 1 as we were both 1 drops and he gave me 1st turn. I spent the first two turns messing about and we only really started swinging in turns 3 and 4. I’d left it too late to catch his score and couldn’t quite get through his numbers in time. I could technically have caught him in turn 5 but we were out of time and it would have taken a supreme feat of warhammering. First AOS tourney game I’ve played that’s ever gone to time, but we both had a lot to do and think about. Another fun chap to play, we’d even had a bit of pre-event banter on Instagram, so was obviously kismet to meet in battle.

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