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Help needed. What is the most useless terrible model in the entire AOS/fantasy range?


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Some friends and I are starting a little league table for our AOS games. We want a truly awful trophy for the person at the top of the leaderboard to hold that keeps their ego in check.

We are looking for a single model that has stats or a sculpt so bad that it is laughable that it exists at all. Said waste of plastic/resin/metal will be painted up and mounted on a plinth for evermore. 

Any suggestions welcome. 

For reference, in MTG we used a foil Jar of eyeballs. 

Thanks in advance


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15 minutes ago, michu said:

@Jamopower I can agree that the concept is good, but the execution is not.


Well that's the tastes differ part. In my eyes almost all of the best models in GW history were made around that time when that model was released (beginning of 2000, 6th edition FB, akak Middlehammer). I  do agree that it sticks out from the range when you look it with the newer stuff, because it's still hand sculpted model cast in metal. Other great models from that same era include the tentacle horrors, Juan Diaz daemonettes, Archaon on horse, the disc riding tzeentch lord, "boobsnake" Slaanesh lord, the chaos knights with fur coats, the Shaggoth, Chris Fitzpatrick's dark elves, empire models by the Perry twins etc. But I think it's a case of what people are familiar with. For those who have grown with the newer stuff, the old stuff might look bad, because it's different. Many of those models are still available and/or sell well in the second ahnd market, which tells that I'm not alone with my taste.

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36 minutes ago, flemingmma said:

Yohan the little running dude from the gargant kit

Definitely Johan! Fun model that’s becoming a bit cult. Great objective marker for the moving objective game as well! Lastly it’s not a playable unit, so in that sense a ‘useless’ addition that’s still fun. 

Other thought would be to see if you can find that one gobbo or nurgling that raises a  certain finger. 


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Hah, those Mordheim rats were truly horrible. I've been thinking about finally painting mine for the Mordheim XX celebration. They are bit different from the "nostalgic view" of the Good old Mordheim models :)


Almost all models from the time they started to sculpt in 3D are more or less awful. Especially the Hurricanum and the minotaurs.

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