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Help with a 1000 point seraphon list


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Howdy so currently I'm building a lob/soulblight list however I also have a bunch of seraphon models. Now with these models I want to build a nice and easy 1000 point list that I could let friends play to help them get into AoS. Now I know nothing about Seraphon rules wise in AoS so that's why I was looking for help list building here.


The models I own are

1 Old blood on Carnosaur

1 Slaan

2 Skink Priests

1 Scar-Vet on Cold One

1 Oldblood on foot


30 Saurus Warriors w/ clubs

5 Saurus Knights w/ spear

10 Skinks w/ blowpipes and shields


I also have some compendium models these include

1 Skink Chief

2 Celestial Swarms


So yeah nay help appreciated. Cheers!

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