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Hello TGA! I'm new to this community. I have been playing Age of Sigmar for a little over a year now, being a former 40k player, and very much love the game and the hobby. I mostly play Skaven (I'm sure my name gave that away) and Maggotkin, but I also have smaller armies of Khorne, StD and LoN. I am a big fan of weird creatures, daemons and monsters so everything from Chaos I love. 

I've been more interested in the competitive scene lately which is what led me to discovering TGA. I hope to join more discussions and talk about the game with all of you! 

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Welcome, welcome skavelynn, 

We see-sense you have a big interest in the pantheon of the great horned rat.

If you have any concerns or questions about the skaven, you’re free to ask anything in the verminus forum.

In the mean times, I hope you’ll enjoy the community.



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