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Dan Heelan

South Coast GT 2019 26-28th April

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South Coast GT 2019: The Chamber of the 11th Soul

26-28th April 2019.

200 Player capacity.

Pack: http://facehammer.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/SCGT19-Tournament-Pack-v1.0.pdf


  • 2000pts Matched Play
  • Terrian and table mats provided
  • Food provided at lunch both days and option to eat in the evening
  • Bar open all 3 days
  • Side painting competition
  • Friday open gaming

Ticket sales open Saturday 2nd Feb 2019 at 20:00 - they usually all sell in under a minute so be ready!

Tickets will be £49.50.

 In years passed the event has sold out its capacity (200 players) in under a minute, so we advise being quick with the button!

 When the launch time has passed, you may purchase a ticket by sending entry via paypal to danheelan@btinternet.com

 Entries before this time will be counted last when allocating spaces.

 You need to include your full name and the names of every player you are buying for. We would also like the name of any gaming club of each player.

 You can bulk purchase tickets up to a maximum of 20 players.

 You can paypal either a deposit of £5, or the balance (whatever you find easiest). The balance is due by 1st March 2019. The deposit is non-refundable. Any ticket money collected over the deposit will be refundable up to 15th March 2019. Cancellations must be made via email to the same address.

 A few days after the opening of ticket sales, a list of entrants will be posted with a player reference. This reference should be used when paying any balance. You can pay the balance via paypal to the above, or directly into our bank:

 The DWR Tournament Group



Any questions on entry should be send to Dan at the email above. Rules queries should be sent to Russ at the address in pack 

Entrants list and player number:

1 Aaron Bailey The Black Sun

2 Aaron Wilson

3 Adam Hall Games Workshop

4 Adam Mumford

5 Alasdair Hutchinson H.A.T.E

6 Alastair King Hampshire Hammers

7 Alex Gilbank

8 Andrew Avery

9 Andrew Davies Pigmar Wargaming Club

10 Andy Scott Bruce

11 Andy Talbot Age of Sigbrah

12 Andy Thornley Bad Dice

13 Angus Brain Bucks Wargame Collective

14 Anthony Kirby Solent Wargamers Club

15 Ash Rowe Tunsgate Tyrants

16 Balal Zafar Cheltenham Warchiefs

17 Ben Curry Bad Dice

18 Ben Diesel The Black Sun

19 Ben Fox Eatbatz

20 ben gummer hydra gaming club

21 Ben Johnson Games Workshop

22 Ben Price Gitmob Gaming

23 Ben Savva Bruce

24 Ben Smith

25 Ben van Buul Pigmar Wargaming Club

26 Bryan Carmichael Pompey Pirates

27 Byron Orde Facehammer

28 Carl Smith Chump Kings

29 Chris Bowles Solent Wargamers Club

30 Chris Brine-Howe Bruce

31 Chris Francis Tunsgate Tyrants

32 Chris Myhill Bruce

33 Chris Tomlin The Black Sun

34 Collin Coller Bruce

35 Craig Namvar Netlists Inc

36 Dan Barwick

37 Dan Comeau Hydra Gaming Club

38 Dan White Eatbatz

39 Daniel Ford

40 Daniel George Bucks Wargame Collective

41 Darren Egan Tunsgate Tyrants

42 Dave Fulbrook Dorset Doggers

43 Dave Knatt Cheltenham Warchiefs

44 David Roberts

45 Dom Hook YEAH The Black Sun

46 Forrest Wilhoite Chump Kings

47 Gareth Macey Pompey Pirates

48 Gary Fisher

49 George Bearman

50 Greg Dann Hydra Gaming Club

51 Hamidreza Kabbazan Tunsgate Tyrants

52 Heath Barnes Cheltenham Warchiefs

53 Ian Hannam

54 Ian Ralph Treeman Ancients

55 Ian Spink Chump Kings

56 Ian Tong Enfield Rifles

57 Jack Armstrong

58 Jacob Hatter Gitmob Gaming

59 James Allen Hampshire Hammers

60 James Beeden

61 James Eveleigh Dorset Doggers

62 James Thomson

63 James Warth Eatbatz

64 Jason Ashford Sons of Nerdle

65 Jason Smith

66 Jay Finnegan 

67 Ben Charles

68 Russ Charles

69 Tony Moore

70 Tristan freer

71 B Spoke

72 Jes Bickham Games Workshop

73 John Masters Merc

74 John Thompson TM Wargaming Barnstaple

75 Jon Barwise

76 Jon Cann TM Wargaming

77 Jon Carroll Sons of Nerdle

78 Jon Williams Eatbatz

79 Jordan Grenville-Cleave Cheltenham Warchiefs

80 Joshn Cann TM Wargaming

81 Karl Breakspear

82 Karl Wadley Chump Kings

83 Keir Egginton Cheltenham Warchiefs

84 Kieran Harper Chump Kings

85 Laurie Huggett-Widle Merc

86 Les Martin Facehammer

87 Liam Cook Chump Kings

88 Louis Games Workshop

89 Lukasz Madaj Cheltenham Warchiefs

90 Luke Taylor Chump Kings

91 Marc Wilson

92 Marcus Crawley Cheltenham Warchiefs

93 Mark Caseley

94 Martin Morrin Games Workshop

95 Matt Brasier Cheltenham Warchiefs

96 Matthew Byrne Hampshire Hammers

97 Michael Browning

98 Michael McDonnell Southampton Sluggaz

99 Michael Wilson Dorset Doggers

100 Mike Burgess

101 Mr Personal Training Poole

102 Myles Mullerkin Gitmob Gaming

103 Ollie Fox Eatbatz

104 Owen Farmer TM Wargaming

105 Owen Jackson Enfield Rifles

106 Paige Clare

107 Pano Chump Kings

108 Patrick Rance 

109 Paul Basiton G Bruce

110 Paul Buckler Dorset Doggers

111 Paul Marhsallsay Pompey Pirates

112 Paul Rollason Camberley Warlords

113 Pete Foley Games Workshop

114 Pete Myhill Bruce

115 Pete Wrench Cheltenham Warchiefs

116 Rich Myhill Bruce

117 Ricky Mee The Black Sun

118 Rob Boyce

119 Rob Boyce

120 Robert Sedgeman Cheltenham Warchiefs

121 Ross Howard

122 Russ Ward

123 Sam loving Tunsgate Tyrants

124 Sam Saunders Tunsgate Tyrants

125 Shane Hurley

126 Simon Cobb Tunsgate Tyrants

127 Simon Froley South London Legion

128 Spencer Talbot

129 Steve Phillips Dorset Doggers

130 Stuart Mann TM Wargaming Barnstaple

131 Terry Pike Facehammer

132 Thomas Bell

133 Thomas Lambert

134 Thomas Landy

135 Thomas Matthews TM Wargaming Barnstaple

136 Tim Bussell TM Wargaming

137 Tim Pearce Gitmob Gaming

138 Tom Hewitt Age of Sigbrah

139 Tom Mawdsley

140 Wayne Rendell Dorset Doggers

141 William Johnson South London Legion

142 William Philpott Dorset Doggers

143 Matt Lyons

144 J Lyons

Balances should be paid either via paypal or into the bank details above USING YOUR PLAYER NUMBER AS A REFERENCE by the 1st March 2019 - look forward to seeing you there!

There are still spaces, so feel free to tell your friends - entry is straight forward - bank or paypal the money, emailing name of player and club.


Edited by Dan Heelan
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Can’t wait for this!!!

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Gonna be my first GT! Can’t wait! Hope i get in there quickly!

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Entrants list up, if ive missed you EMAIL me danheelan@btinternet.com to discuss



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Dan, I have messed up with work dates and doubtful I can now come, do I email you at the above?

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