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8 hours ago, Future said:

Saw this in the gitz faq but figured it was relevant to all warbands and there fore worth noting in Skirmish -

Q: If I am playing a Skirmish game, how do I work out the renown for Zarbag and Zarbag’s Gitz? A: Divide the points cost of Zarbag and Zarbag’s Gitz (160) by the number of models in the unit (8), to give the renown of each model (20). As you must take them all if you take any of them, this means that although Zarbag’s renown is a bit lower than it should be and the renown of his Gitz is a bit higher than it should be, the combined total for all of the models is still correct.


We were definitely curious about this one locally. For any warband taking the hero alone is a steal. We were actually already playing that the hero was the full price if you took them alone.

I still haven’t gotten my hands on the rules (Shame!). Is there a scenario (or the rules) where at the end you count the amount of renown left and compare results to determine the winner?

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