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Painting Competition

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So, I've been an off and on member of Bolter and Chainsword for a few years, and when I was getting started back into the hobby, one of the big helping hands was entering their "Call to Chaos" painting event.


In case you aren't familiar, the idea was that the different sub-forums (in TGA's case, the Grand Alliances), work to complete a number of painting pledges within a time limit. If they're completed to a minimum standard, you score the model's points for your forum's score.


No prize at the end, just bragging rights


Is it worth giving it a go here?

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I think painting competitions or modelling ones work best when they are fast and simple. A one or two month period to complete models and see what people come up with. I think attaching it to the grand alliances would be hard because many people are going to have armies in more than one; plus at present AoS is seeing a lotof big releases so chances are whichever alliance got a big release would probably get a lot more attention as more people unify over the new release 

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