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Since his accident Kaptain Mogrum was changed. Where before he had been a brutal, but cunning, Warboss who led his crew from the front, he was always first over the gunwales into an enemy ship, and a vicious, merciless fighter. But he was now a cunning, but brutal, Weirdnob Shaman!

Since his awakening the pirate orruks who followed him fully embraced his change (not least because he killed a lot less of them in fits of anger. Even if he did kill a lot more of them in accidental explosions of Waaagh! energy... on balance it seemed better to them) and from then on they all consider themselves experts in the fields of thaumatology, evocation and sorcery. The nodded sagely to one another as they described the magic around them in great technical detail (often using the wrong terms but they really didn't care). They pronounced judgements on the quality of the wizardry they witnessed and debated the relative merits of various spells.

When they journeyed to the very edge of the realms in search of the wild magic of Endless Spells, their Kaptain issued each of them an ensorcelled black-powder pistol as a focus for binding the Endless Spells. Each orruk then took it upon themselves to add charms and trinkets to their pistol, in order to enhance its power. A selection of teeth, bones, coins, pebbles with holes, crow feathers, gold and silver rings, and polished fragments of glass - all tied on with string or jewellery chains - adorned their foci.


~ đŸ•± ~

My group is about to start a new campaign! The last one is here.

Spellbreakers at Realm's Edge is an AoS Skirmish campaign of bounty hunter wizards chasing down and capturing Endless Spells at the wilder edges of the Mortal Realms. It will span several Mortal Realms over the course of about six weeks. The Endless Spells I have made for the part set in the Harrowmark are here.

Each player will follow the exploits of one wizard, who can be accompanied by local guides or persistant retainers, or a mix of both. We will each have 250 points to spend on our warbands, but we do not have to field the same models in every game - we are free to swap any or all of them between games. We will not be adding any points to the total but warbands might gain some extra abilities and equipment as the campaign progresses.

We are likely to play Spell Hunters several times over the course of the campaign, as capturing Endless Spells should be the reason our warbands are at Realm's Edge. We will be injecting more variety to the Battleplan by adding one Open War twist card to each game. Some of them are fairly lethal in Skirmish, but we like the idea that Realm's Edge is not a safe place!

~ đŸ•± ~

The campaign will have a fairly loose structure, as each player is free to choose their own warband's storyline, and we will attempt to weave them (or, more likely, mash them) together as we go along.

  • Chance Encounters 
    At Realm's Edge, stumbling across other spellbreakers can only mean a fight. Whether simply for survival or to control faylines, it matters not.
    Choose from: Clash at Dawn (from White Dwarf, January 2019), Hold the Centre (White Dwarf), Sweeping Assault (White Dwarf)
  • The Power of the Realms 
    When magic coalesces into wyrdstorms or faypools, many are the brave and foolish that flock to channel their power.
    Play Vortex of Power (from the AoS Skirmish booklet) or The Well of Souls (from Malign Portents)
  • The Monster 
    If a great beast is normally a worthy prize, those that roam the Realms' Edges will bring even more glory.
    Play Trophy Kill from the Warhammer Community blog.
  • Spellbreakers 
    Capturing an endless spell will require cunning and brawn in equal measure. And at times, fighting through a throng of rivals.
    Play Spellhunters (from Malign Sorcery) or Dangerous Hunt (White Dwarf). Or play Dangerous Hunt first, then the winner can be challenged by another warband to play Spellhunters.
  • The Great Quest 
    After a long search, the resting place of an artefact needed for a terrible ritual has been found. Who will secure it and tap into its power?
    - Play Treasure Hunt (White Dwarf) or Seize the Relic (Skirmish).
    - The winner will then be the defender in Fragile Cargo (Skirmish), against either the same opponent or a new challenger.
    - The winner will then be the ritualist in The Ritual (White Dwarf), against either the same opponent or a new challenger
  • Battle Grudges 
    Many times, rival spellbreakers have solved their disputes in honourable duels. But assassination is an equally effective, and far more expedient, way to set a record straight.
    Play A Time for Heroes (White Dwarf) or Assassinate (Skirmish), but only between warbands that have already clashed a few times



Edited by WarbossKurgan
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It's probably because the 'Ere We Go book was one of the last things I bought back in 91 before I first exited the hobby stage left but I will never, ever see an Ork in a pirate's hat like that and not smile.

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You’ve put a lot of work in this campaign! I loved the various sights of the harrowmark and this sounds like an exciting development. I like your work on the « battleplan pack » to encourage people to create a narrative around their battles.

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Your last campaign was one of my favourite things on this site so can't wait to see what shenanigans you get up to this time.

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Love it! Absolutely loved your last campaign, can't wait to see more! Great plan, narrative, photography, and models!

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Terpsichore's Terror


The Cleavermaw sailed low and fast, weaving between the jungle-covered hills of the Wilds of Keromuru, at Realm's Edge of Ghyran. It took all of the small crew's continuous concentrated effort to wrangle the ungainly sky-vessel round the turns required to avoid the vine-covered rocky outcrops and hills. Sometime they just didn't bother and just scrapped over them!

The lookout at the masthead started; he had spotted a plume of smoke on the horizon between the slopes of two hills. He called down to the deck below and the crew ran to the gunwales and leapt into the rigging to see. Mr Deadwood, the master-at-arms, sent a deck-hand below to wake the kaptain.

~ đŸ•± ~

Kaptain Mogrum stood upon the rocky ledge and peered through his brass spyglass. His beard and robes writhed with magical energies, as if they were living things. Tiny green sparks arced and crackled across his skin. The rock itself seemed to be charged with arcane energies, it didn't even require his new mystical sensitivity to know this hill was a site of power, a nexus of faylines.


The Cleavermaws assembled around him, eager to get started. They had found there was good money to be made from the bounties paid for getting rid of Endless Spells, and more from robbing other bounty hunters when they were more successful! Most wizards didn't put up much of a fight - it only tended to be their bodyguards that caused the Cleavermaws and problems.


Mogrum knew the Malevolent Maelstrom known locally as Terpsichore's Terror was close by.



But so were The Shadowflames! An alliance of Aelf sorcerer and Duardin warriors was not to be underestimated.


The Cleavermaws raced forward as Terpsichore's Terror moved away from them, toward the Shadowflames.


Mogrum summoned a huge spectral Foot of Gork, that plummeted from the roiling clouds above in a swirl of green lightning. But Laelanyel, the Mistweaver Saih, dissipated the thaumaturgic stomp before it reached the tree tops!


The Fyreslayers watched the approach of Terpsichore's Terror with close attention, three of them managed to bind the Maelstrom and the pulled it nearer to them, away from the orruk pirates.




The Cleavermaws split into two groups - half went to fight the Fyreslayers, half went to wrangle the Maelstrom from the duardin binding it.



Mr Deadwood and Bosun Higgs pushed through the jungle with their ensorcelled pistols ready.


The Fyreslayers made short work of the orruks - the Maelstrom fed on their unfortunate souls and became unstable.


The three Cleavermaws hiding in the trees managed to bind the Maelstrom and they held it in a stalemate, so the Fyreslayers could not move it!

~ đŸ•± ~

(We tracked the souls and spells that Terpsichore's Terror had consumed with crystals on it's warscroll)


~ đŸ•± ~


The Fyrslayer that was not busy binding the Maelstrom charged into the jungle to sort out the troublesome orruks.


Aef-Grimnir, the Runefather, was surrounded by orruks, including Mr Sludga the Ard Boyz Boss.


The Runefather sent two more orruk souls into the Maelstrom and turned his attention on Sludga.


But Terpsichore's Terror was now brimming with unstable energies, more that was safe.


The Maelstrom exploded! A devastation wave of Death Magic blasted the jungle - three more orruks fell, along with 3 Slayers, and Laelanyel the Mistweaver was wounded.


~ đŸ•± ~

Spellhunters (from Malign Sorcery) is a great Skirmish Battleplan! If either of us had managed to draw the Endless Spell to our objective marker we could have scored a Major Victory. If we had wiped out the enemy warband or the Spell was closer to our objective at the end of five Battle Rounds we could have scored a Minor Victory. But as the spell destroyed itself we called it a Draw.

Edited by WarbossKurgan
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Storm of Magic

Buzzing things annoyed the orruks as they stumbled around in the steaming jungle. The air was full of crackling green lightning that arced uncomfortably across their skin every time they touched anything.

The sky above was a worrying shade of turquoise and weird shaped clouds roiled and billowed all around the horizon. The Cleavermaws muttered to each other and pointed, describing the evolving phenomenon using deeply technical, but completely wrong, magical terminology.

"Looks ta me like we're gonna be awash wiv maleficium pentaclisation any minute now." said one, eyeing a particularly ominous cloud.

"Aye." said another "and probably a deal of thaumaturgistical undertow an'all."

Their shipmates nodded sagely.

Kaptain Mogrum sighed and tried not to listen to them.


After the disaster trying to bind Terpsichore's Terror the Cleavermaws and the Shadowflames were scattered across the Wilds of Keromuru, at Realm's Edge of Ghyran.

Kaptain Mogrum tried to gather his crew and summoned some serious firepower from the ship Snaplock Harald arrived hefting a cannon from the ship's battery!


A good number of the Cleavermaws managed to locate each other and bunched up around the Captain. But the destabilisation and subsequent explosion on the Malevolent Maelstrom had unleashed a Storm of Magic on the Keromuru region!


The Shadowflames had fared less well; they were scattered far and wide.


The Cleavermaws spotted Laelanyel the Mistweaver Saih, trying to hide among some rocks that glimmered with eldritch energies.


Kaptain Mogrum and Snaplock Harald crossed the little river with Mr Sludga and Double Barrel.


Mr Deadwood, Oiler Tunn and Weatherly Deg were not far ahead of them.


Laelanyel, the Mistweaver Saih, found herself beset by Deadwood and Tunn. But she opened a glimmering Mirror Pool...


And disappeared into it!


Then reappeared amongst a clump of trees a hundred yards away!


Bosun Higgs joined the kaptain and his group.


Ledger Nud was jumped by a fyreslayer, but the Kaptain's Clerk had a few tricks under his wig!


Snaplock Harald levelled his cannon and tried to blast a Slayer who was creeping up behind the crew, but his powder was damp from the humid jungle air and the gun went of with a dull thump, rather than the usual deafening boom. The Slayer counted his lucky stars and hid behind a ruin!


Liberty Snik fell but...


Ledger Nud just tutted and finished the entry in the ship's log as the Slayer lay at his feet.


While it took the combined assault of Double Barrel, Oiler Tunn and Mr Deadwood to bring down another Slayer!


The orruk pirates chased after the Mistweaver Saih, once they realised where she was.


Snaplock Harald moved to get a better shot at the cowering Slayer but the duardin took a risk and charged the ogor from a very long way off.


And made it!


The approaching pirates made Laelanyel nervous and she tried to open another Mirror Pool, but the raging Storm of Magic unstabilised her spell and it wracked her with arcane energies!


Aef-Grimnir The Runefather stood between Laelanyel and the orruks. His Latchkey Grandaxe laid waste to them.


Harald's cannon rang like a bell when he smacked the speedy Slayer round the head with it!

~ đŸ•± ~

This was "Clash at Dawn" Skirmish Battleplan with the "Storm of Magic" Open War twist card. The Cleavermaws managed to edge into a minor victory by just breaking the Shadowflames.

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Vortex of Charybdine

The Cleavermaws travelled to The Harrowmark, through the Everlost Gate. They had heard rumours that a magical vortex of phenomenal power was tearing up the Realm's Edge there.

Dark clouds gathered over the malignant forests about a hundred leagues edge-ward from Blackrocks, as the pirates searched for the wild magic that the locals had already named the Vortex of Charybdine. 

A flock of ragged black birds raced overhead, cawing loudly. Mogrum watched them carefully then led the crew in the direction they had come from. He knew they were getting close now.


~ đŸ•± ~


Kaptain Mogrum and his crew found the vortex fairly quickly by following the dark portents and recondite signs, and discovered it had smashed a skyship and it was hurling wreckage in all directions. Flotsam and jetsam filled the air around it so they kept a safe distance from it out of fear of being hit by flying debris.


Mogrum edged closer to the Vortex of Charybdine and started the ritual to try and control it.


The Cleavermaws watched with keen interest, muttering observations on the arcane nature of the maelstrom to one another. Mogrum did his best to concentrate on what he was doing and block out their inane mumbo-jumbo.


So engrossed on what the Kaptain was doing where they that it took a while for any of the orruk pirates to even notice they were not alone in the forest!


Mr Sludga shouted a warning but it was too late! The Hunters of Gloomfen aelves triggered their Deluge Key! 

Unnatural rains hammered the forest (and apparently nowhere else!) - the ground beneath the Cleavermaw's feet rapidly turned to mud, then to dragging swamp. Four of the orruk pirates disappeared, down into the filthy waters, and drowned!


The aelves charged and attacked Mogrum and Mr Sludga. They only wounded the Kaptain but it was all too much for the other orruks and they all fled! Only Kaptain Mogrum and the ogor Snaplock Harald remained!


As more of the swamp aelves joined the fight, arrows whistled past Mogrum's enormous hat.



Snaplock Harald blasted them with his cannon, then charged into the powder-smoke. He lashed out at the aelves, using the huge gun as a club.


A dark shadow appeared from the sky behind the pirates. The Kaptain fended off the worst of their attacks with his cutlass-topped staff and his lucky charms, but the aelves were swift and deft and numerous! The Kaptain's wounds started to mount up.


At last, he fell!


Just as the aelven Tidecaster joined the fight Harald was overwhelmed and fled.


~ đŸ•± ~

This was the "Vortex of Power" Battleplan from the Skirmish booklet. I was the Ritualist, David was trying to disrupt the ritual. If my General survived the game with less than 3 Wounds lost I would have won a Major Victory, If he survived but lost 3 or more Wounds I would have won a Minor Victory. If my General died and David's General had lost 3 or more Wounds he would have won a Minor Victory. 

But as my General died and David's General had lost less than 3 Wounds he actually won a Major Victory. It could have gone my way for most of the game but after his first turn of the first Battle Round I didn't have high hopes!

Edited by WarbossKurgan
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The Melpomenian Aethervoid Pendulum

Mr Sludga and Mr Deadwood stood in the prow of the Cleavermaw, looking out over the forests below them. The ungainly ship rolled in the Autumn winds - it was unseasonably warm and dry - the month of Gloryson was almost always unceasingly rainy.

The two orruk Bosses took turns to look through a large brass telescope.

"It always moves along the same path." said Sludga. Deadwood nodded and handed back the spyglass.

"Aye. Back and forth, swinging like a clock... thing."

The subject of their observation was a great silvery axe, that seemed to slip in and out of solidity, trailing a wake of ghostly blue-white fires. The fabric of reality seemed to be torn by the swinging apparition. Contorted faces writhed in the flames, they continually appeared and moved around and disappeared again as the huge blade swept through the same stretch of forest over and over.

"It be an Aethermatic Pendula." said Dogwatch from behind them.

"No it ain't!" said Double Barrel sharpley, "It's Aethervoid. It's the Melpomenian, what the locals in the Toofless Dragon Inn was talking about.

Dogwatch rounded on Double Barrel and drew a blade.

"Aethermatic." he insisted, adding "Yer lubber." for emphasis.

Double Barrel put his had on one of the loaded pistols jammed into his belt but he didn't have time to draw it. As Dogwatch lunged forward Mr Sludga's meaty fist connected with the side of his head. The bearded orruk pirate dropped to the deck and the matter was settled. It was known as The Melpomenian Aethervoid Pendulum after that.

~ đŸ•± ~

The Cleavermaws tracked down an Aethervoid Pendulum after following clues picked up in Blackrocks. When they were in a position to capture the Endless Spell they found a band of crypt ghouls were also persuing it.



Kaptain Mogrum stood by an Umbral Spellportal and had the distinct feeling he was being watched. He stared into the black rippling surface of the portal for a minute but he could only see another area of forest, with nothing recognisable in sight by which to place it.


A small band of ghouls, dressed in ragged scraps filthy of cloth, loped along behind their ghoul king.


A huge beast of a crypt-haunter called Mossblade, who wore a helmet made of a skull from some long-dead beast, prowled along near the other mordants.


Snaplock Harald took aim at the creature with his cannon but most of his shot took chucks of stone out of a mausoleum wall.



The Cleavermaws tried to get themselves into position to bind the Pendulum as it passed them, while not getting too close.


A few of them moved to intercept the mordants.



The Pendulum swung back toward the Shattered Circle, and the mordants.



The ghoul king charged at Harald, Sludga and Deadwood.


Bosun Higgs and a couple of deck hands ploughed into the ghouls on the Shattered Circle.


The Crypt Haunter attacked the orruks who were busy trying to bind the Endless Spell.



The fight around the Pendulum's path intensified.


Ledge Nud, Double Barrel and Dogwatch lurked in a graveyard and attempted to bind the spell too.


Mudshroud the ghoul king roared in triumph as all his opponents fell!


Bosun Higgs held on and fought hard as his mates went down.



Oiler Tunn and Ledger Nudd managed to focus the enchantments stitched into their pistols and bind the Pendulum.


King Mudshroud tried to take matters into his own hands.


Time and time again Kaptain Mogrum tried to cast Foot of Gork, but every time he either failed to manifest the powerful spell or Mudshroud unbound it.


The orruk Kaptain was growing frustrated and desperate.


Bosun Higgs started to gain the upper hand felling the ghouls one by one and somehow avoiding their festing claws!


Mogrum backed around the arcane Death Tree as the last of his crew battled with it, edging it closer and closer to the Dead Man's Chest.


Mossblade dealt with Oiler Tunn.


Higgs took out another ghoul and once again avoided becoming their dinner!


With a metallic shearing sound, the spell-energy of the Aethervoid Pendulum shredded then coalesced into the Dead Man's Chest and solidified into Shyishian Realmstone. Mogrum slammed the lid shut and the orruks fled back to their ship with their loot!

~ đŸ•± ~

This was the Spellhunters Battleplan again (from Malign Sorcery). The Cleavermaws were able to claim a Minor Victory as the Aethervoid Pendulum was closer to their objective marker than the Court of Spades' and they still had models on the board at the end of the game.

Viktor used my Flesh Eater Courts warband for a bit of variety. They turned out to be a lot of fun in Skirmish!


Edited by WarbossKurgan
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The Burning Head of Thalia

The day of Gloryson was back to the expected weather for the time of year - cloudy and cold.

"What's this place called?" said Kaptain Mogrum as the Cleavermaws gathered in a graveyard at the edge of the gloomy forest.

"Um. Thalia... I think?" said Mr Deadwood. Behind him a few of the crew started whispering to one another and pointing over the Kaptain's shoulder at the huge skull formed of swirling ghostly energies, mud, rocks and tangled branches that floated over a charnel pit.

Mogrum was in a foul mood today, his head hurt and he wanted to cut down any arguments among the crew before they even started. Otherwise one or more of them would be getting turned inside out.

"Right, listen you lot. That there thaumaturgic phenomenon is properly called the Burning Head of Thalia. Got it?" said the Kaptain in a loud voice.

The crews' faces went blank for a few moments then, slowly, started to contort into expressions of doubt and they made a few dubious noises.

Green aetheral energies crackled across Mogrum's fists as they clenched and unclenched a few times.

Some of the brighter hands caught on quickly, "Yep. That's definitely it!" said someone at the back of the crowd. A few of them nodded and made more certain sounds while elbowing their dimmer neighbours. Soon the whole crew was in agreement.

Mogrum turned his back on them and strode off through the graveyard. He tried not to hear the crews' muttered discussions behind him.



~ đŸ•± ~

At the far side of the clearing a number of other warbands gathered, all seemingly intent of harvesting the energies of the Burning Head. The Hunters of Gloomfen, The Shadowflames and the Murderfist Tribe led by the Aspiring Deathbringer Erdeni Batur. 




The Gloomfen Aelves and the Murderfist Bloodbound headed toward each other.


Mogrum cast a Mystic Shield on himself.


Laelanyel, the Mistweaver Saih, and Drevakh Xosh, a Tenebrael Shard made straight for the Hound of Khorne and his handlers.


Tark the Fyreslayer made to intercept the Burning Head, hoping to be able to bind it and draw it to their spellforge to capture it.


But the Endless Spell had a will of it's own, and it changed direction! It smashed straight through the centre of the melee and destroyed the Bloodbound involved! Both the Aelves were wounded but not badly.



The Fyreslayers Tark and Durbak attacked the nearest target - the first of the orruk pirates.


Bosun Higgs drew his kutlas and ran-through Durbak, while Ledger Nud and Liberty Snik fended off  Tark's attacks!


Drevakh Xosh disappeared into the shadows then reappeared among the Bloodbound.


As the Hunters of Gloomfen activated their Deluge Key and turned the ground to slick, sucking mud. Then peppered the Tenebrael Shard with arrows!


The Aelves and Bloodbound smashed into each other.


Casualties were heavy on both sides!



As the Burning Head of Thalia swept off into the wilds, out of reach of the four warbands, Bosun Higgs brought down a second Slayer!

~ đŸ•± ~

"That weren't the Burning Head of Thalia. That were the Firey Cranium of Helike." said Dogwatch to no one in particular.

Mr Sludga punched him in the back of the head.

~ đŸ•± ~


This was the Spellhunters Battleplan again (from Malign Sorcery) but as there were 4 of us playing this time we used 2D6 for Initiative (stolen from Kill Team!) and the player that rolled lowest (and went last) in each Battleround got to move the Endless Spell if it was not bound by one of the warbands.

We called it a draw at the end as although the Endless Spell was closer to the Murderfist's objective than any of the others, the Shadowflames had one model with control of it.

Edited by WarbossKurgan
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Over Forest, Under Stone

Although the Shadowflames and the Cleavermaws travelled back from Thalia to Wortbad via different routes and means, fate would have it that they arrived there at the same time. Both crews were in need of supplies and the downtrodden village was the easiest place to acquire them.

~ đŸ•± ~

Kaptain Mogrum rubbed his sore head. The sheer amount of Wild Magic that he had been exposed to over the last few weeks was starting to take its toll on him. He temper was getting worse, he had just managed to not explode any of his crew so far, but they were getting more irritating too.

"The thaumatragic build-up in the Dead Man's Chest is still just over the acceptable levels." said Oiler Tunn, just a few feet behind him.

"That last one was unstable though, we should probably increase the hexagrammatical warding. You know, just in case it causes an aesoteric cascade." said Double Barrel.

Mogrum did his best, but he could only do so much. Green energy crackled across the skin on his arms and hands,



The Shadowflames appeared around the Rose and Scythe Inn (luckily, for the Cleavermaws!) and started to collect up the supplies that Mogrum had amassed over the pass day or two.


Auric Runefather Aef-Grimnir headed straight for the eastern stack of loot and claimed it, he found an interesting trinket amongst the barrels and books.


Mogrum hurriedly searched the western loot pile - a stack of black powder barrels, but they appeared to be empty at first glance.


The Aelves and Duardin didn't seem to notice that the orruk pirates were in the town for a time. They were obviously in need of food and drink and were not their usual cautious selves.


Two Slayers closed in on the central loot pile. While the Mistweaver Saih claimed the northern loot pile, she found bundles of papers that looked interesting, and the food supplies her warband desperately needed.


The Cleavermaws made it clear that the interlopers were not welcome to share.




Dogwatch found some trinkets and a crate of rum bottles in the southern loot pile. Mogrum found a hidden panel in the bottom of a barrel: it only contained bundle of dark red cloth but he took it, as he assumed it was hidden for a reason!


The Cleavermaws charged, Double Barrel killed a Slayer. Laelanyel, the Mistweaver Saih, launched an Illusionary Assault at Snaplock Harald and killed the Ogor Leadbelcher!


Runefather Aef-Grimnir avenged his fallen kin. A thrown axe killed orruk pirate Oiler Tunn.


Mr Sludga charged the Mistweaver but she shrouded herself in shadow and mist, and his kutlass blows all sliced through nothingness! The she struck him down in reply.


Deadwood and Ledger Nud charged in to help but it was too little too late! Bosun Higgs fell and the orruks fled the town.


~ đŸ•± ~

This was the Treasure Hunt Battleplan, from White Dwarf (January 2019). Fairly early on in the game we had discovered the treasure in all five objectives(!) and claimed two each, so from then on it was a matter of fighting over the contested central objective. My early successes of killing the regular Slayers gave more more confidence than I should have had in my chances. Once Viktor's "big guns" were brought to bear my orruks got whittled-down fairly rapidly, and all the more quickly when Battleshock set in.

The final tally was 3 objectives for the Shadowflames, 2 for the Cleavermaws.

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Yeah @WarbossKurgan it's great stuff and seems like you all having a great time. Just as a reference for a campaign I'm preparing. How many points would your warbands roughly be according to the White Dwarf, and how long does the game last? 

Any input would be great! It's the first games for two of the players so I want them hooked with the Skirmish Campaign ;) 

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13 hours ago, Kramer said:

Yeah @WarbossKurgan it's great stuff and seems like you all having a great time. Just as a reference for a campaign I'm preparing. How many points would your warbands roughly be according to the White Dwarf, and how long does the game last? 

Any input would be great! It's the first games for two of the players so I want them hooked with the Skirmish Campaign ;) 

Thanks - yes, we are having a great time!

We are using 250 points for all games, with no additional points added after each game. We are playing in our lunch breaks so we have to fit games into an hour.

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The Geminids of Kallichore

The Cleavermaws pursued the Shadowflames through Realmgate after Realmgate and eventually found their way to the Ruins of Phos. To Mogrum's frustration the trail went cold in the hot desert sands. They retreated to a makeshift camp around an oasis to drown their sorrows. Mogrum knew they would catch up with the Mistweaver and her band soon but it was not to be this day.

After hearing talk of a pair of Geminids orbiting a stone circle near by, the Kaptain decided they would make the best of it and turn the expedition to profit. 

~ đŸ•± ~

The orruk pirates grumbled about the heat, about the dust, about the rationed grog, and about losing the Shadowflames. Sludga and Deadwood did their best to shut them up, while glancing sideways at the Kaptain in case he started sparking again, but it didn't do much good. They just grumbled about being beaten as well.

They all brightened at once when they saw the Geminids of Kallichore though - the opposing forces of the aether in balance: an orb of pure light and a sphere of utter darkness. The Light of Kallichore and the Shadow of Kallichore orbited each other around the monolithic stone circle.

"Ah, yeah," said Double Barrel "a noxious dark mist populated by 'llusions, and a incineratin' light dat bestows mind-destroying troofs." he nodded to himself smugly, "Obviously."

Oiler Tun nodded too but Weatherly Deg added "We have to be more careful of dat Light one here. It's the more dangerous by far, 'cause of the empowerment of da Realm." this annoyed Double Barrel no end.

Deadwood smacked them round the head with a belaying pin and herded them away from the Kaptain.


The Hunters of Gloomfen appeared out of nowhere and got to the Geminids first!


A Khinerai darted forward and used her foci to draw the Geminids away from the pirates.


The Cleavermaws charged!


The Kaptain and a few deck hands took cover in the stone circle as the Hunters drew the even further Geminids away. Arrows clattered and clashed off the stone work around them.


Deadwood and Dogwatch Fug piled into one of the Melusai. Deadwood was cut down almost immediately.


The Deluge Key took its toll on the crew and even pierced the Kaptains sorcerous defences.


A Melusai Blood Sister pounced and hacked down at Mogrum from atop a ruined pillar. Mogrum parried her Heartshard Glaive with his Waaagh! Staff and a grin.


But Mogrum destroyed her utterly: His Waaagh! Staff blasted the Melusai to shreds! Bosun Higgs only just arrived in time to witness it.

~ đŸ•± ~

This was "Dangerous Hunt" from White Dwarf (January 2019). The game was technically a draw as no models were killed by the Endless Spell, but we decided that  the Cleavermaws had the moral victory for killing more points than the Hunters of the Gloomfen did, even though they killed a lot more models than the pirates did. Melusai are expensive!

Edited by WarbossKurgan
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The Fires of the Piremoor

Mogrum woke with a start and cracked his head on the ship's beams above his hammock as he sat up. He groaned loudly through gritted teeth and clutched his head. Neon-green flame raged from his eyes and scorched the timbers black.

Flashes of his dream came back to him: Raging fires and flickering shadows. Green lightning sparks and glorious fights. The clash of steel and the cracking of bones. An intricately carved bone that contained immense power; Combined power from Shyish, Ulgu and Aqshy! The mask of that damned Mistweaver.

He climbed out of his hammock and took a long drink of grog. The visions subsided but he was left with a strange feeling of certainty. He knew he had to have that scrimshawed bone and the power it would give him.

~ đŸ•± ~

On deck he barked orders and Sludga and Deadwood gathered the crew aft. 

He stood on the quarter deck of the Cleavermaw as the skyship rolled gently in the breeze. Holding on to the rigging above him, he looked down into the waist of the ship.

"Lads. I've seen a future where we start a fight." Mogrum said in a voice loud enough to be heard through a storm. "A fight so big that it spills over the very edge of Shyish and into Aqshy. I fight that we will win, and keep winning as it draws in hundred of fighters from other Realms too."

Most of the orruk pirates grinned up at him and nodded but Liberty Snik piped-up "Was it prognostication or divination?"

Mogrum blinked.


Dogwatch Fug said "It can't of been divianation unless there was a chicken." and a few of the orruks near him started nodding or shaking their heads.

Weatherly Deg shouted "Don't be daft. It was prophesy, obviously." At this the crowd broke down into general chatter amongst themselves, debating the various forms of the seer's art.

Mr Sludga and Mr Deadwood started moving through the small crowd, trying to get them all to shut up but targeted application of kicks and punches. But by then it was too late, the crew was already lost to the argument (again) and soon there were weapons drawn and threats bawled.

Then a thunderclap of emerald lightning split the air and tore through the mainsail. The crowd of orruks froze and looked up at the Kaptain. Arcs of energy crackled across his arms and hands. A green aurora glared out fro the blade and skulls atop his staff.

The crowd of orruk pirates remembered themselves and fell silent again.

~ đŸ•± ~

At the very edge of the ruins of the Temple of Khazla the Cleavermaws gathered among the glowing emberstones and broken temple obelisks. The pirates strode out of the Realmgate and crossed the ashen plains (only occasionally pausing to swat-out the fires that caught their clothes) toward the temple.

The orruk pirates managed to get between the Shadowflames and the Realmgate and attempted to block their escape. They were going to take the scrimshawed bone from the Shadowflames and they were going to follow Mogrum on his vision of adventure and conquest!


The Kaptain and his followers closed in on them from the left.


While Snaplock Harald and Mr Sludga took the right-hand path.


Laelanyel the Mistweaver Saih and her bodyguards advanced confidently.


Mogrum attempted to cast a Foot of Gork several times, but the spell failed to materialise or Laelanyel unbound it every time ( and several of the crew muttered about the obvious power of the scrimshawed bone).


The orruks charged!



Snaplock Harald fired his ship's cannon but with little effect on the Slayers.


Liberty Snik fell.


The Kaptain's magic was unpredictable at best!


Much to his frustration!



The Slayers managed to bring down Mr Sludga and Oiler Tunn.


And Mr Deadwood.


Kaptain Mogrum joined the fray at last. Desperation pushing him to fall back into his old ways.


Harald charged.


Auric Runefather Aef-Grimnir brought down the Kaptain with his Latchkey Grandaxe!


Harald smacked a Slayer - using his cannon as a huge club. Bosun Higgs took out another Slayer.


Laelanyel disappeared into her Mirrorpool. The Mistweaver Saih left the Caengans to strip the orruks of their loot. The power of the scrimshawed bone was going to be hers to command.

~ đŸ•± ~

This was Fragile Cargo from the Skirmish book. Viktor broke through my lines and scored a win.

Viktor's tale of this adventure is here.

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The Fall of Erebusia

The Cleavermaws stepped out of the Erebusia Realmgate and cautiously advanced into Duskhaven. The darkened streets and winding alleys could easily hide ambushers or monsters of any description. They didn't dare light more than one lantern and they kept that one nearly closed. Strange noises echoed between the ruins buildings and the orruk pirates started to grumble to each other, speculating at the possible source of the sounds:

"What waz dat?" said Liberty Snik.

Kaptain Mogrum twitched and gritted his teeth.

"Probably a shadow-daemon of some kind." said Weatherly Deg, as casually as he could manage.

"Nah, dat was more like a Fury or one of them winged witch-aelfs." said Double Barrel.

Mogrum craned his neck and rolled one shoulder.

"I hope it is. I needs to kill somefink today." said Bosun Higgs. Double Barrel grinned at him and said "Yer, me an' all mate."

Mogrum growled to himself as green sparks popped and fizzed from his eyes and the pirates went quiet.

~ đŸ•± ~

The Cleavermaws watched as the Hunters of Gloomfen and the Shadowflames got ready to tear each other to pieces, and quietly edged toward the ruined Wizard's House.


They moved through the narrow allies of Duskhaven, passed shattered houses and wind-blown paper notices.


Taking care as they edged by the foul waters of the old fountain.



The Hunters emerged from the Sunken Gate and swiftly moved forward, angry at the invasion of their territory.



The started peppering the Shadowflames with bow-fire.



One of the Slayers fell to the barrage of arrows.


A Khinerai darted forward...


.. lashed out with her Barbed Sickle and brought down a Slayer, then fled before the Shadowflames could react!


The Cleavermaws made a dash for the Wizard's House.


But that drew the attention of the Shadowflames and throwing axes started flying their way.


Still beyond the range of his offensive spells, Mogrum shielded himself.


Arrows rained down on the duardin as the Hunters closed in.


A Khinerai turned her attention on the Cleavermaws, she landed lightly and prepared her weapons.


The Hunters' arrows started to fall on the orruk pirates as well. Double Barrel and Bosun Higgs both pitched over clutching at the black darts embedded in their flesh.


The Khinerai flew over their heads and slashed at Liberty Snik and Deadwood.


Laelanyel and Aef-Grimnir readied themselves for combat.


The Blood Sister then charged the Shadowflames.


Mogrum entered the Wizard's House and cast Ruin: the spell scythed through the Mistweaver and a Khinerai.


The orruk pirates charged the Mistweaver.


While Sludga, Deadwood and Dogwatch Fug attacked the Blood Sister.


The Blood Sister managed to impale Deadwood, just before the others killed her.


All three deckhands who took on the Mistweaver were butchered by the Auric Runefather!


Mogrum rushed to the middle floor of the ruined Wizard's House.


Harald blasted Aef-Grimnir in the back but the Runefather shrugged off the close ranged cannonade!


The last of the pirates took cover while the Hunters of Gloomfen poured arrows onto the Shdowflames.


Laelanyel used a Illusionary Assault on the Tidecaster and sent her screaming into her worst nightmares.


The Runefather barreled through the orruk pirates and blocked the door to the Wizard's House.


Laelanyel charged straight up the wall on a pillar of shadowy mist.


She wounded Kaptain Mogrum...


... but he used Soulstealer to heal himself at Laelanyel's cost.


Aef-Grimnir smashed Sludga to the ground. Harald fled!


A trio of Gloomfen Reavers leapt the fence and attacked the Runefather. 


Dogwatch Fug slashed at a Reaver with his cutlass while they focused their attention on the Runefather.


Mogrum and Laelanyel duelled, exchanging vicious strikes and parrying hard. Mogrum managed to fend off most of her attacks but she used another Illusionary Assault on him and nearly overwhelmed him.


The Gloomfen Reavers finally overcame the Runefather and turned their blades on Dogwatch Fug.


But Kaptain Mogrum was an orruk after all, he used a Savage Killing Spree to full effect and crushed the Mistweaver Saih mercilessly. He roared in triumph and tore the scrimshawed bone artifact from her slackened grip. Emerald sparks and arcs of energy flared around it at his touch.


The Gloomfen Reavers pounced on him, screaming for revenge. He swirled the Ragged Cloak about himself so they were unable to target him with their bows, so they charged.


With two sweeps of his totem-covered and bladed staff he laid them both at his feet. 

The darkened skies of Ulgu shook with distant thunder as the wounded orruks of his crew dragged themselves toward the Wizard's House, hoping to avoid the coming storm and find somewhere to recover.

~ đŸ•± ~

This was the Carnage Battleplan from White Dwarf (March 2019 issue) with a few tweaks to make it work on a 30"x40" AoS Skirmish board - mostly just the deployment distances. We played the game over two lunchtimes as we only managed to get 2 or 3 turns in the first session and it was not left with a very satisfying end. All three of us were able to make the next session so we picked up where we left off. And boy, are we glad we did. The second half was amazing! 

The balance tipped from one of us to another then to another, shifting constantly almost every phase. At some points any of us could have won this and it was only through some amazingly good and bad luck (and finally remembering some of my warband's abilities: Savage Killing Spree, I'm looking at you!) that I ended up with the last model standing. The fact that it was Mogrum and he managed to defeat Laelanyel in single combat and snatch the scrimshawed bone artifact from her corpse made it narratively PERFECT.

Edited by WarbossKurgan
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A lot of fun to read, congrats on another fun game and the moral victory ;)  

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On 4/13/2019 at 12:29 PM, Kramer said:

A lot of fun to read, congrats on another fun game and the moral victory ;)  

Thanks @Kramer 😎

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Erebusia Unbound!

The shadows of Ulgu darkened into what passed as night, if such a thing existed in Duskhaven. Kaptain Mogrum, Weirdnob Shaman, stood in the ruins of the Wizard's Mansion with the scrimshawed bone in one hand and his totem-covered staff in the other. His steel skull-mask hid his face but his eyes were closed and he was lost in an internal struggle. Most of the crew waited on the floor below, kept out of earshot of the Kaptain by Sludga and Deadwood. Only a couple of deckhands were anywhere near him and they were only there to hold things for the boss.

The ritual was long and complex and any number of things could go wrong but the Shaman hadn't "learned" how to perform it... he sort of just... knew. Maybe it was the scrimshawed bone that put the knowledge in his head? Maybe it was the accumulated sorcerous energies swirling within the Dea Man's Chest? 

Or maybe it was given to him by Gorkamorka? He liked that version best, so that was the one he was hanging on too. The others weirded him out too much.

The crew below deck started muttering a bit too loud about whether this was an abjuration or conjuration. Sludga slapped them about a bit to stop it becoming another fight.

~ đŸ•± ~

As Snaplock Harald loaded his cannon, Bosun Higgs spotted something and wandered over to him. He asked "What are you using for grapeshot?"

"Just these shiney rune-things. I found a whole load of 'em when we stole them crates from the skyship dock in Wortbad. They don't look like real gold but they have sharp edges and they make a real mess of those Slayers!" said the Ogor with a deep laugh.

Higgs looked worried but he wasn't going to argue with the Ogor.

~ đŸ•± ~


Mogrum held the Scrimshawed Bone aloft as wave upon wave of sorcerous energy poured out of it.


The Sunken Gate shimmered and the Hunters of Gloomfen spilled out.


Mistweaver Saih Laelanyel and Auric Runefather Aef-Grimnir approached from the opposite direction.


Harald's gun spoke and everyone jumped as the reported echoed through the dark streets. Black smoke curled into the Duskhaven mists.


The Hunters swept across the cobbles - two Thralls charged Lost Uzzog the Shaman and four Reavers headed for the rest of the crew. Arrows hailed into the walls of the house, one found its mark in Sludga's shoulder.


Seeing that he was already wounded yet still likely to be the toughest of the crew, the Namarti Reavers pounced on Sludga and finished him off.


Lost Uzzog was shocked that he survived the attack by two Gloomfen Namarti Thralls, but he managed to cast Gaze of Mork and incinerated two of them and wounded the Tidecaster!


The Cleavermaws were emboldened by Uzzog's power and lept into combat with the Hunters...


... and they cut down another Thrall.


The orruk pirates that had headed for the Shadowflames were less lucky and the Runefather smashed Dogwatch Fug to the ground.


The orruks in the Wizard's House cheered as...


... the Hunters of Gloomfen fled through the Sunken Gate.


The orruk pirates consolidated their position in the ruined house.


Mr Deadwood and his small group held out for a few minutes, their luck would not last long against that blade though.


Mogrum completed the first step of the ritual! Amethyst energies from Shyish coalesced around him.


The Mistweaver used a darkening flame of Ruin to strike down Ledger Nudd and Double Barrel!


The Sunken Gate shimmered again and three Fyreslayers emerged!


Throwing axes whizzed across the harbour and Oiler Tunn fell with a cry of indignation.


The Runefather smashed Deadwood to the cobbles.


Harald climbed down and fired on the Slayers as they rushed along the jetty.


Tark fell (again!) to the hail of glittering shrapnel.


The orruk pirates charged and clashed with the Fyreslayers in the shallow dark waters.


One after another the slayers fell to orrukish kutlasses. The orruks had cleared the burning Locus of Energy of enemies but Laelanyel still controlled the Dead Man's Chest!


And the crew hurried back to the house, mindful of their duties for once. They were excitable and raring for another fight.


Lost Uzzog hid in the dark of the Wizard's House, and sent searing blasts of green lightning out of the windows at the Runefather and the Mistweaver.


Harald fired another blast then charged through the powder snoke!


The crew cheered him as he lumbered forward.


But Aef-Grimnir  was ready for him and swept his Latchkey Grandaxe low.



The Runefather and Mogrum hacked away at each-other but Mogrum managed to keep most of the thaumaturgic threads of the ritual in place.


The Cleavermaws arrived and piled-on the duardin.... 


The orruks overwhelmed the Runefather finally but it was a few moments too late!

The sapping of energies from the two loci by the aelves and the wounds the Shaman suffered combined to untether the feylines that Mogrum had gathered and woven together.

The clouds overhead roiled and twisted in on themselves. Magical energies started unravelling and a terrible rumbling sound started to build up, just beyond hearing....

~ đŸ•± ~

This was The Ritual from White Dwarf (January 2019). Viktor and David were the Assassins with 200 points each, and I had 400 points. We changed the rules slightly, instead of rolling a D6 to complete the Ritual each turn we decided that it could not be completed in the first three turns. Each successful roll would add an amethyst crystal to Mogrum, each of which would add +1 to the Ritual roll at the end of turn 4.

It came down to Mogrum needing a 5+ at the very end of the last turn and I rolled a 4. Viktor had caused more that 3 wounds on the Shaman so he scored a Minor Victory!

This was the penultimate game of the campaign  - so there is only one game left! We want to get all four of us playing in that one.

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The Curse of Thelxinoe

Mogrum was subdued and quietly angry. Yesterday had not ended well: The ritual Mogrum attempted was interrupted and spoiled, the scrimshawed bone dissolved into dust as a storm of wild magic was unleashed from it. The crew were painfully aware of how dangerous he was at times like this so out of a sense of self-preservation they held their tongues for once.

A few hours before dawn the Cleavermaws found the wildly spinning Endless Spell Kaptain Mogrum had inadvertently created. Another two warbands had located it as well but the pirates were determined not to let anyone else harvest its energies.

Mogrum planned to destroy them with the very thing they pursued!

~ đŸ•± ~

The Cleavermaws gathered in a low ruin. They were uncharacteristically quiet.


An abyssal Cerulean Sun of Shyish swirled and pulsed in the Duskhaven town square. Its dire rays stabbed out into the ruins around it, illuminating an open plaza with it's deathly light. 


The skeletal face that leered out from the broiling orb filled all who witness it with mortal terror.


The Hunters of Gloomfen huddled in a shattered house.


The Shadowflames approached the dire sphere, reinforced by a party of the otherworldly Shadowkin Stalkers.


Narlek Swiftblade, the first of the Shadowkin, stepped out of the darkness and mists of Ulgu and charged Bosun Higgs.


Another Shadowkin Stalker, Iyshak, appeared in a ruined building ahead of the pirates.


Shadowkin Stalker Bekliel tried to hold up the Hunters but he was swarmed and overwhelmed by them.


The Cleavermaws dealt with the Shadowkin (Harald smashed it with his cannon) and watched as the Shadowflames and Hunters fell upon one-another in the darkness.


Kaptain Mogrum seized control of the Cerulean Sun while the Aelves fought and sent it careening through the Aelves of both enemy warbands! A Khinerai of the Hunters was consumed by it.


Arrows darted out from both warbands...


Tark fell in a cloud of arrows.


Harald grunted his disapproval. He wanted to be the one to shoot the Slayers again!


The vicious close combat escalated. Laelanyel single-handedly killed two Hunter Reavers and a Witch Aelf.


And the terrifying aura of the Cerulean Sun took its toll.



Laelanyel the Mistweaver opened a Mirrorpool and fled from the Hunters.


But she appeared too close to the orruk sky-pirates and Mogrum charged her, with a few deckhands in tow. Kutlasses flashed in the gloom.


The short fight was frustrating for the Orruk Weirdnob Shaman pirate as the Mistweaver fell, not to wounds inflicted by his bladed totem-staff, but from a spell the Hunters placed upon her earlier in the battle!


The pirate orruks looked on in satisfaction as the Aelven warbands disappeared into the shadows, leaving them in possession of Duskhaven. They could capture the Cerulean Sun in the Dead Man'd Chest at their leisure.

This expedition had started badly but it had turned out to be quite profitable. They only needed to meet up with those merchants who had promised to buy the spell-energy once it was captured and bound into Realmstone in the Dead Man's Chest...


~ đŸ•± ~

This was "Dangerous Hunt", a Skirmish Battleplan from White Dwarf (January 2019) with the "Dead of Night" Open War twist card added. Every time we rolled to see if the night lifted the dice failed us, so it stayed pitch-dark for the whole battle, with just 12" visibility for ranged attacks and spells!


The only way to score Victory Points in this Battleplan is with casualties caused by the Endless Spell. As luck would have it, I got to go last in the first battle-round, control of the spell fell to me. So I smashed it through both enemy bands! Happily (for me!) the deaths caused by that were the only ones from the spell as no one else managed to take control of the Cerulean Sun of Shyish! The rest of the game for me was just a matter of making something exciting happen for the sake of the story. I could have just stood back and watched the Aelves kill each other but we wanted Mogrum and Laelanyel to have a final showdown.

~ đŸ•± ~

So that wraps up the Spellbreakers at Realm's Edge campaign! It was a lot of fun for such a simple narrative idea: Bounty hunting wizards!

Back in May we read this snippet in the Endless Spells Rules Preview on the Warhammer Community blog, and it caught our imagination immediately:

Endless spells are one of the unforeseen consequences of Nagash’s machinations in Shyish. Where previously spells would dissipate naturally, many now take on a life of their own, roaming the realms and accumulating power almost indefinitely. Some wizards in the Mortal Realms have even taken up work as bounty hunters, tracking them down and dispelling them, while certain examples are as notorious as any dragon or beast that lives in the woods, like the legendary Phantom Blade that cleaves through Ulgu.

Our next campaign will be a return to Tor Megiddo but we will inevitably be back in the Mortal Realms fairly soon after that.

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