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After Bolet Ghosteater parted ways with the Rotmoons he continued his search for potent mushrooms in the gloomy forests of the Harrowmark. On his travels through the dark and tangled woods he started to encounter more and more Moonclan Grots with similar goals. Most of them came along with him as he seemed to know what he was doing. Before he knew it he had a warband of his own. They started calling themselves the Mushloonz and he just went along with it.

- 🍄 -

The Bad Moon spoke to me! Inevitably.... This is the start of my small (maybe!) Moonclan warband. I got the Warhammer Underworlds: Nighvault Moonclan warband when they first came out and I have been painting them very slowly between other projects since then. The Gloomspite Gitz announcements spurred me on to get them finished!



Bolet Ghosteater was already painted during Malign Portents but I have repainted his base-edge and his skin to match Zarbag's Gitz.


Zarbag the Shaman



Drizgit the armoured Squig Herder, Bonekrakka (the one with the bone between its teeth) and Gobbaluk, Cave Squigs.


Prog Da Netter and Snirk Sourtongue the Fanatic


Shootas Stikkit (arrow through hood), RedKap (mushroom hat) and Dibbz (shooting “blind”)


- 🍄 -

Viktor has very kindly given me 6 Moonclan Shootas (from the "Battle for Skull Pass" Warhammer Fantasy 7th edition starter box set).


Update: I have already assembled (with a few small additions of stalagmites and mushrooms on their bases), undercoated black and zenithal-sprayed them grey. I hope to start painting them very soon!


I found this git in my bits box, with no face. So I added a 40k Grot face and sculpted his hood around it. 



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The Mushloonz in the Harrowmark

Far from any village in an unusually damp and dark corner of the Harrowmark, is the Dankwood. Home to the Mushloonz and a dozen other Gloomspite tribes it is overrun by mushrooms, troggoths, giant spiders and grots.

The area is riddled with labyrinthine networks of caves and maze-like winding paths through the trees with impenetrable walls of tangled branches and thorny brambles. Cobwebs and clumps of mushrooms are commonplace and daylight rarely penetrates the forest canopy.

- 🍄 -

I have finished the six grots Viktor gave me, and the extra (converted) Shaman and Squig from my bits box.


Noggit (a Madcap Shaman) and Maw (a big Cave Squig).



Stog (Shoota Grot Boss), Snok and Ruk



Skur, Dort (Gonger) and Zeg.



The Mushloonz search the woods of the Harrowmark for interesting fungus.



The warband so far:



This is something I made waaay back, for Warhammer 8th edition, as a marker to show that a Mysterious Wood counted as a "Fungus Forest". I'm really happy to be using it again as an objective marker for Age of Sigmar Skirmish games!

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Cool stuff! Looking forward to the rest!

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Deep in the Dankwood, hidden amongst tangled briars and mushroom groves, is the shantytown lurklair of the Mushloonz. A higgledy-piggledy mess of tumbled-down structures made from looted materials, local stone and gnarled timbers from the trees of the Harrowmark forests. It would be barely distinguishable from the worst areas of the forest itself, apart from the massive number of grots and troggs wandering around it.

Like most Moonclan leaders, Bolet Ghosteater has a Gobbapalooza rambling around his lurklair causing mischief. A gathering of so-called wise-grots, petty shamans and gabbling loonpriests, a coven of grots who offer no end of cunning tactical tricks. The Gobbapalooza takes it upon themselves to counsel their boss whether he wants their advice or not.

- 🍄 -


Oggle The Boggleye stares deep into the souls of all those around him, chanting hypnotic mantras and revolving his pupils in an unlikely and hypnotic fashion.



Xorg The Spiker scuttles about with a basket of clinking poison-bottles lashed to his back.



Badtryp The Shroomancer experiences such vivid fungus-brew hallucinations that his magics spill out to animate the fungi around him and bring his visions to life.



Gnark The Scaremonger capers and hoots from behind his terrifying Glareface Frazzlegit mask, carried aloft on most of a Squig skeleton by his slave Snark.




Wychwud the Brewgit shuffles around with weird fungus potions bubbling in his loonshine still, selling his product to eager customers.




- 🍄 -

This is such a great kit! It goes together really really well. I built all of them in less than an hour and I wasn't rushing.

I'm hoping to start painting at least one of them this week.

Edited by WarbossKurgan

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Xorg the Spiker clicked and hissed to himself as he scuttled through the Dankwood. The poison-bottles in the basket lashed to his back clinked together as his swaying gait moved them around. His bare feet pattered over the gloomy forest floor, between gnarled tree roots and clusters of fungus. Thin beams of pallid moonlight managed to break through the tangled bowers overhead and illuminated the winding pathways. Shrouds of thick cobwebs hung from the branches and nameless things squirmed and writhed in the shadows.

It felt like home!

He had heard rumours of a growing lurklair in the midst of this dark corner of the forest, and that a Fungoid Cave Shaman was gathering a warband. A gathering of Gloomspite Gitz meant one thing to him: customers!

- 🍄 -





Some close-in shots of details. I struggled with the glass bottles as I looked at a lot of very, very good still-life paintings that included wine bottles during my art degree. So my expectation of what a glass bottle should look like is probably unrealistic at 28mm scale!



I tried something different with his skin this time: Elysian Green basecoat, lightly dry-brushed with Pallid Wych Flesh, then washed with Athonian Camoshade. So quick and easy: It ends up looking exactly the same as the Gitz I painted with a lot more steps!


Edited by WarbossKurgan
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Mollog's Mob

The Dankhold Troggoth known as Mollog the Mighty slept in his mushroom-littered cavern beneath the dunes of the Desert of Bones for centuries, emerging every so often to rampage in search of food. It was a comfortable life, until an infestation of Skaven spilled up from the deep earth. After he had finished picking his teeth clean of scraps of flesh and fur, the troggoth realised his home was lost to the endless tide of vermin. Followed by a mob of the bizarre denizens that had dwelt within his cave, Mollog set off to find a new one. The troggoth travelled far across the bone-strewn wastes, eventually coming to the ruins of Shadespire. Underground he went, certain that somewhere in this gloomy place lay the dank, quiet cavern he was looking for. Instead, Mollog found the labyrinth of the Mirrored City. Still he presses stubbornly on with his search, a trail of crushed and battered bodies left in his wake.

- 🍄 -

I probably won't be using this warband in Warhammer Underworlds, but I want to leave my options open. He and his followers look like a lot of fun in AoS Skirmish anyway!


Bat Squigs are little more than mouths with wings, yet these body parts are a deadly combination.





The fungal clouds emitted by a Spiteshroom can rot flesh from bone.





When angered, a Stalagsquig can gnash through metal and bone with gruesome ease.





Mollog - an ancient Dankhold Troggoth - just wants a nap! Stirred from a long slumber, he now seeks a bit of peace and quiet, and is more than happy to crack the skulls of anyone who’d deny it to him.





The Mushloonz so far:


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