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New member - New Idoneth Player :)


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Hey All,

Saw this thread and thought I'd pop in and say hey. Im in London and mostly paint at the moment but have been waiting for a start collecting/battleforce box for Idoneth as I REALLLLLLLLLLY love oceans/sealife/atlantis etc.

Love to hear if there's any major places I can join to meet other AoS players in London

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Thanks @Ben.

 @Wmossuk - there are various clubs in London - such as the South London Legion:

Post below or drop me a message if you’re interested.


Here we are a couple of Wednesday’s ago.

I’m also playing the Idoneth (including within a SylvanEels Winterleaf Army)


In addition, there are good stores where you can meet people and arrange games - Bad Moon Cafe has a great hipster vibe and is very well designed for tabletop gaming (terrain, table spacing, under tables, lighting/natural light, food and alcohol - you name it.

I’ve yet to go to the West London Dark Sphere, but I’ve heard good things from a club mate who has.




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