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Non-magical Armies in a Magic Heavy Game


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So I have been seeing a number of discussions around this site regarding updating older, magicless battletomes (such as Blades of Khorne and Kharadron Overlords) to keep them in line -or at least competitive with- newer battletomes, especially those with their own endless spells. 

To that end, I thought it might be a good idea to create a thread where we can collect and share ideas from around the community, and see if we can't come up with some ideas 


My first idea would be for Khorne armies, a rule that (hopefully) represents their hatred of magic and those who wield it

Scorn of Sorcery: When a Khorne unit is effected by an enemy spell, or targets a unit that is effected by an enemy spell, they get +1 (to hit/to wound/attack)

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Khorne: any unit that has an ability to unbind a spell gets +1 to unbind rolls, additionally if a spell is unbound the wizard who cast it suffers D3 mortal wounds

Duradin (Fyreslayers/Kharadon Overlords/Dispossessed): if targeted by a spell on a 5+ they ignore its effects


these armies should not get access to magic themselves, but instead should have an easier time than anyone else in shutting magic down

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I play Blades of Khorne, Kharadron, Ironjawz, and Slaves to Darkness all with little to no magic. I know it's not exactly what you're asking, but some things I've found useful in my games against LoN, Nighthaunt, Nurgle, Darkling Covens, and Beasts of Chaos are :

Blades of Khorne :

Slaughterpriests, Mighty Lord of Khorne, The Brazen Rune, Portal of Skulls with Gore Pilgrims, Warshrines, and the Auto-unbind from the Bloodtithe  table.  I usually run MSU so Death has a hard time debuffing everything, even with Nagash, Olynder, and Arkhan, and sometimes I get lucky unbinds or save my autos for when I know I need that buff/debuf gone. I usually put the Brazen Rune on my Bloodsecrator to protect him from being sniped. Portal of Skulls is a double edged sword sometimes; they could fail after rerolling the success or get a higher result, but sometimes it comes in handy and helps to make a spell fail. The Warshrine is great for having that 6+ mortal wound save and I don't leave home without it. The most difficult things are Endless Spells, since we can't get rid of them but that's where the auto unbinds or Bloodtithe movement comes in handy. Honorable mentions to Skullcrushers for being able to shrug off spells on a 4+.


The most useful thing for spells with Kharadron is the Ammendment Trust Aethermatics, Not Superstition. Since it allows every hero to unbind and Navigators to unbind twice you can usually unbind 4-5 spells. Definitely helpful against casters with limited +'s to cast. Also, the Runelord from Dispossessed as an ally is awesome, especially when coupled with spell-resistant Ironbreakers. Or allying in a Khight Incantor for a critical auto unbind. Again, Endless Spells are tough to deal with so hopefully you can roll high on the Unbind or have the Runelord close by for that critical cast. Kharadron do have fairly high movement at times with their ships so it might  be possible to avoid them.


Sometimes I bring a Weirdnob with lots of Ardboyz and some allied Savage orruks for a nice + to cast and unbind and the Cogs so I can rush up the field a d attack ASAP. But Ironjawz are mostly pretty fast, especially if you get lucky hero phase rolls and take the Ironfist battalion, or use Gore Gruntas and the Gorefist. Not as tactical as the other armies, just smash! Seems appropriate.

Slaves to Darkness:

Sometimes I will  bring Tzeentch Daemons Princes, Chaos Sorcerer Lords, and Sayl but mostly I stick to melee heroes. So again, the Warshrine is pretty awesome for them. Having units of Warriors with Shields and Knights to try to soak up mortal wounds near the Warshrine takes tricky positioning sometimes but is highly useful. Really, anything with a shield is awesome for casters. Plus, as Slaves to Darkness, you can always ally in some stuff if you need  more protection. Harbinger of Decay for your Nurgle units, Bloodsecrator to make enemies reroll casting,  or a Changling or Cursling  to disrupt enemy spells. 


Going forward, I think that as @Gotrek says, adding dispelling to units that can unbind would be and easy way to help out casterless armies. 

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