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Need help building 1000p fyreslayer and other newb questions :)


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Hello. Im new to the game and would like some help to set up a 1000p squad with the fyreslayers. The only guys I have atm are the ones from the "Start Collecting!-pack"

Additionaly, I see that some ppl use different heroes on the magmadroth and would like to know the reasoning behind it. What is the difference between a runesmiter on foot and a runesmiter on a magmadroth etc? Im confused because all I see is ppl saying this or that is better but I never understood why so explain to me like im 5 please :)

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Greetings and welcome to Age of Sigmar!

We have a dedicated thread for Fyreslayers and you are more than welcome to post your questions and input there as well as get more detailed answers to your questions:

To help answer your questions though, it can be boiled down into these points:

The way modern Fyreslayers are built for 1000 points is the same as if you were building a 2000 point army and that is to build around your Vulkite Beserkers. They are the bread, butter, meat, and potatoes of your army and you want to buff them as much as possible. 

This is where your heroes and Magmadroths come in. Each hero and the few that ride Magmadroths are meant to buff your army. Each hero/Magmadroth has their own set of abilities which provide different buffs for your other units in your army.  With this people can create different combos of buffs depending on which hero they put into their army. 

To be clear and to answer your question directly, the difference betweens a runesmiter and one of a Magmadroth aside from points are the buffs they give out. 

Lastly, and to really drive the point home, Magmadroths are not an army destroying masses of scales. You do not want to rush one in to kill things, you want them to stay alive and stick closely behind your Vulkite Beserkers so they can stay buffed. 

I hope this helps. Fyreslayers aren't the strongest army around, but they are very thematic and hard to take off the table. So stick to objectives and enjoy your time in the Mortal Realms!

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