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AoS - Designing Rules and Points for Felis silvestris catus


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AoS is a game set in realms which are vast in nature, where one might travel for years and still never cross the entire landscape and all its myriad of terrain features. From shadowy realms where all is mist and gloom to bright metallic worlds that come right out of the mind of an 80s rock album cover artists mind. And within these realms are vast beasts and monsters that call the realms home. From deepsea serpents to vast walking wyrms so vast that cities can be founded atop their backs.


However GW has yet to grace us with models and rules for these vast beasts of the land and war, so it falls unto us to start to devise a means for them to enter our games. Thus I'd like to present the first of such creatures,  Felis silvestris catus. Also known as Moggy, That Darn Cat, Pebbles and any one of a number of other such names. 

Please feel free to add your own rules, thoughts on the rules, points and suggestions for stats as well as your feline-game experiences. :)


 Felis silvestris catus - This unit is comprised of one feline, each feline on the table is considered an NPC unit not under the control of either player at any point in time.
It may enter play in one of several forms: CatNap; Pounce; Wandering Monster; 

1) CatNap- the Felis is present upon the table before other terrain is setup and is to remain where it places itself. Players may setup other terrain as normal. During the game the cat is considered an Obstacle and Deadly and is still capable of performing all attacks. At any point it make awaken and enter Wandering Monster state

2) Pounce - the Felis performs one leap onto the board from any side. Any models knocked over during this entry are counted as slain. After a pounce attack Felis reverts for Wandering Monster until it leaves the table. 

3) Wandering Monster. The Felis enters the board from any side and moves across the board at random. Models knocked over during this are considered slain. In addition it gains the attacks "Nuzzle" "Purr" and "Nibble"

It has the following attacks at any time:
a) Bird - flying units cannot land atop, but can attempt to fly fully over. However as they do so the player moving them must make squeaking sounds as they do so and if the Felis wishes it may perform a swipe attack and/or a bite attack at the model. Any attacks deal mortal and physical wounds to both model and hand. 

b) Thunderous Tail. Range at least 6 inches or more, may be performed in any phase. Any model that comes into contact with a Thunderous tail attack can be knocked over, any model knocked over is considered slain and is removed from the table as a casualty. 

c) Swipe and Bite. Range at least 6 inches, may be performed in any phase. Read attack profile for Bird.

It has the following special attacks:
a) Nuzzle - the Felis approaches one player and will attempt to nuzzle and push its head at the players hands. This interrupts their turn and if it lasts for more than 1 minute passes the turn to their opponent. 

b) Purr - may be performed at any time and grants 1 victory point to the player who has control over the board quarter that the felis is in at the time of purring. Note if performed after a Nuzzle attack the target player gains two victory points. 

c) Nibble - may be performed at any time and deducts one victory point from the player nibbled per 5 minutes that the Felis does not change to Purr. Note a player may gain 5 victory points if they perform a "Feed the Cat" action, however they are unable to take any more turns after performing this action. 

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